Strengthening Customer Loyalty Through Team Stores

By Hayley Bell on Oct 21, 2020


“OMG online stores are a must-have to be competitive in today’s business climate. Coaches are busier than ever – they don’t want to collect orders and payments.”
Gonz Medina
CEO & Cofounder // Blue Chip Athletic

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Blue Chip Athletic was founded in 2001 by two entrepreneurs with a shared belief that positive customer experiences are the key to building a successful business. Since opening their doors, the Kansas City-based company has grown sales tenfold through repeat and referral business, and expanded their Team to more than 25 employees.

Blue Chip Athletic specializes in custom apparel, offering in-house screen printing, embroidery, and sublimation services. The company primarily works with Teams, clubs, and schools, and has started expanding their business into corporate simply by word of mouth.


Coming from a corporate IT background, Blue Chip Athletic cofounder Gonz Medina was an advocate for business technology and an early adopter of online stores. In the early days of their business, eCommerce platforms were clunky and too expensive to use for customer-specific online stores. The entrepreneurial duo relied on paper order forms to collect and manage orders for each customer, including manually counting product quantities and sizes. Coaches were stuck handling the individual payments for each order, as well as product distribution.




Stores Over the Past 12 Months

Orders Placed Over the Past 12 Months

Average Volume Per Store


After years of working with paper order forms, the Blue Chip Athletic Team decided to partner with OrderMyGear in 2016 to streamline order collection and create efficiencies for their Team. OMG enables Blue Chip Athletic to quickly build custom online pop-up stores for each individual Team, club, school, and corporate customer.

Now, consumers purchase products directly from the online store, where they can select their size and even request personalization- such as their name without ever touching a paper order form. Coaches are free to focus on their Team instead of chasing down orders and payments, and the Blue Chip Athletic Team can maximize their time and resources to grow their sales and cater to more customers.

Blue Chip Athletic has seen significant improvements to the customer experience since taking their business online with OMG. Some of the most helpful capabilities include:

• Product bundles, which enables the Team to create product packages that simplify consumer purchasing

• Group Access Portal, which offers group leaders and coaches visibility into store performance

• OMG Analytics, which provides key data the Team needs to make informed business decisions

Keys to Success


Create product bundles to help meet product minimums and increase sales


Offer a limited selection of products and logos to streamline fulfillment and avoid decision paralysis


Solicit buy-in from group leaders to encourage consumers to shop the the online store


Blue Chip Athletic focuses on providing the best customer experience possible to differentiate their business, and partnering with OMG has allowed them to take things to the next level. The OMG platform has improved the overall experience for everyone involved – their Team, customers, and the end consumer. In the past 12 months alone, Blue Chip Athletic has fulfilled over 7,700 orders from more than 750 stores and continues to experience positive growth year over year.

“OMG was enticing because of how user-friendly it is. Coaches, parents, and athletes like our online stores because they’re easy to use and mobile responsive.”
Gonz Medina
CEO & Cofounder // Blue Chip Athletic

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