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We have used OrderMyGear for over two years and it was the best decision we made for our business! Not only have our sales volume increased, but we love working with their team. We would recommend OrderMyGear to any company that wants to grow their business and make more money. Rob Rochford - Downstream
The OMG online stores have been a fantastic tool that has allowed our sales reps to work more efficiently, offering both uniforms and spirit wear to clients of all sizes. Our reps have been able to handle more customers, process their orders with ease and get the products to market in a more timely manner than we have done in the past. OMG is an excellent partner for our company’s growth plans. Jon Lee - General Sports
OrderMyGear has made online store building and ordering very easy. Our online sales have grown exponentially since we have joined the OMG team. The support staff has been phenomenal to work with! A much different experience than your typical software company. Allen Krebs - Kratz
I started using OrderMyGear in 2010 when I met Kent. I was tired of collecting checks, cash, order forms, always being off one shirt or missing $5 somehow. OMG has changed the sporting goods business, and made the team ordering process so efficient and simple for people to use. Not only is it incredible from a cash flow stand point for your business, it’s the best way for sales people to grow their business, and grow it quickly. Their platform continues to evolve and their support staff is as good as it gets. We are thankful for our great partnership with OrderMyGear. Corey - Universal Athletics
OrderMyGear has it all! It is very user-friendly and organized and their customer service is second to none. Using OrderMyGear for online stores has made my life a lot easier and is a no-brainer for my customers! Not to mention, they’re all a pretty cool group of people! Lauren Oosdyke - Universal Athletic
I have worked in the business for over 30 years and have found no company that I would recommend any higher than Order My Gear. Their professionalism, work ethic, timeliness and overall performance are second to none. From working with Tiffany and her crew setting up the sites, to Revin and bulk order setups, I could not ask for anything more from a service company like OMG We pride ourselves on service as well, hopefully we provide as good of service to our customers as OMG does to us! Bruce Beck - Denver Athletic
I think everyone there at OMG does a fantastic job! Everything has always run so smoothly for us, and I really appreciate the fantastic customer service! Megan Williams - RT Sporting Goods
The conversation begins and ends with OMG. Paul Andrews - Adidas
The OrderMyGear platform and staff has exceeded expectations with an outstanding online service. Matt Hibbitts - Academy Sports Inc.
Gulfshore Sports Store in Florida loves using order my gear!! The sites look so professional and it is so convenient for our coaches. They are always saying how much they love that they do not have to handle money anymore and how easy it is for their team to get their gear. - Gulfshores Sports Store
OrderMyGear has been a game changer for Thompson’s Sport Shop, it has made selling to teams and organizations simple and easy. One of the many things that we have enjoyed is having a designated success rep help us strategize and grow our business! - Thompson’s Sport Shop

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