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Why Customers Want Online Stores

Customers have grown accustomed to ordering online in almost every facet of their lives and they are coming to expect it with their branded apparel and group orders. Online stores bring a simplicity and ease of ordering that can improve the customer buying experience, all while making order fulfillment and tracking easier on you. 


OrderMyGear is an eCommerce platform tailored specifically for team sales and we've never been in a better position to support your business with our custom online stores.

Simple Ordering Process

Group leaders can eliminate the hassle of handling individual orders within group orders

Modern Experience

Exceed customer expectations by giving them modern online ordering options

Maximize Sales

Get the most out of every sale with features and reports designed around your success

Payment Flexibility

Offer gift cards, declining balances, coupons, and fundraising

Easy Store Building

Spend less time building online stores

Customization Options

Offer personalization and branding on products, with options to upload rosters

Group Access Portal eCommerce OrderMyGear

Group Access Portal

Enable customers to feel engaged with their store success and find answers to their own questions. Experience the industry's only Group Access Portal, which allows group leaders (like coaches or organization leaders) to see limited store information such as amount fundraised, orders and store marketing capabilities. 

Express Store OrderMyGear

Express Stores

In less than 60 seconds, you can request a pre-built online store with stable inventory and high-selling products for your group by using the OrderMyGear Express Store Service. This gives your customers sleek online stores with minimal work on your end. It doesn't get easier than that!


Express Store OrderMyGear
Fundraising eCommerce Hand


Powerful fundraising tools make giving back to your community painless. Build fundraising amounts directly into the product price, or offer cash donation items to facilitate gathering funds. The Fundraising Report simplifies tracking the fundraised amount.

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