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Frequently asked questions

As a vendor, is there a cost associated to work with us?

NO, not at all! However, we do offer other strategic packages that are designed to help you promote your products to the dealers on our system.

What if none of my dealers use OrderMyGear?

No problem, let’s get your product data in the system so that the current OrderMyGear accounts can leverage it in their stores.

What do I need to provide OrderMyGear?

We have a straightforward template that we provide you to collect your product information. Once the template is completed, we will handle it from there.

I am a vendor that dealers and decorators use to sell our product, can I still use OrderMyGear?

Of course! We accommodate vendors that sell through dealers and those who go direct. We work with all types of dealers and brands.

My dealers prefer to provide a personal experience, they may not like selling online.

A personal experience is the best, and that is why we have a dedicated Support Team and each dealer is assigned a personal Success Rep. We want to ensure that no one loses that personal experience. We are here to help our partners grow and create a better experience for the end- customers.

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