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Frequently asked questions

How does OrderMyGear work?

OrderMyGear empowers you to build an unlimited number of online stores, which allows you to easily sell any product to all of your groups, teams, schools, and companies you serve. Pairing our user friendly technology and your industry knowledge, we can help reduce time and hassle while increasing sales.

Does it matter if I am a small distributor?

NOT AT ALL! Our technology was built for businesses of all sizes. We have many features that will benefit you and facilitate growth.

I already do web stores, how is OrderMyGear different?

Our web store model is different. You can build unlimited stores with no per-store setup fee, and stores usually take about 15 minutes to build. Our software specifically addresses your unique business needs, unlike generic e-commerce platforms such as Shopify and BigCommerce. Our technology and our people are two of the reasons our customers grow their online sales 30-35% annually on average with OrderMyGear. Store building is easy with over 30,000 products preloaded into our software. With a dedicated Service Team and a personal Success Rep, we work to ensure that you are using our platform to maximize your profits.

I use paper order forms, why should I switch to online stores?

Customers spend more money when they shop online and are offered more products in less time. Try a store on our platform for free and we promise you will never want to go back to paper order forms. We will even build the store for you!

How will this help me drive more sales and grow my business?

That’s why we want to help! OrderMyGear helps you to save time, work more efficiently, and streamline your group orders.

I don’t have a website, do I need one?

You don’t need one! We host everything for you, and each store has its own custom link. If you do have a website, you can link your stores to it.

How do I get paid when using OrderMyGear?

Get paid as soon as your customers order! You decide whether to receive your funds daily or weekly, and we automatically deposit the funds to your bank within 1-2 business days. We provide your team with a suite of detailed accounting reports, including an in-depth deposit statement.

I’m not tech savvy.

Hey, you found the FAQ section! You don’t need to be tech savvy, our technology is simple and user friendly. We will even build the stores for you if you prefer! In fact, OrderMyGear was founded when Kent was helping his dad put all his paper order forms on the computer.

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