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OrderMyGear replaces traditional paper order forms and
lets everyone individually order and pay for their gear online.

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About OMG!

OrderMyGear is the industry leader
for online team stores and group ordering

Sell more gear and simplify your team sales by partnering with OrderMyGear. On average, our dealers see their team sales jump more than 30% after switching to OrderMyGear online stores. With more than $100 million in sales and 70,000 stores behind us, we have the experience and platform to help take your business to the next level.Our company was born out of the frustration of paper trails, bounced checks, and countless hours spent calculating order totals. The first software company of its kind, OrderMyGear is the benchmark for quality, customer service, and innovation as we help grow team business for our dealers. Schedule a free demo and find out how we can help you sell more gear with no monthly fees and no per-store cost to you. Request a Free Demo

Why OMG!?

What We Do

Online stores for group sales

All in One Solution!

Easily create and run your online store for group sales. Vendors, Dealers, Teams, and Groups are all saying “OMG!”

How OMG! makes it easy.

Set up your timed store in no time. OMG! automates merchant account setup and provides a safe and secure solution for collecting and distributing proceeds. Wanna raise funds with your sale? We gotcha covered!

It’s All Inside.

One Solution. One Company. OrderMyGear invented online group ordering. We specialize in powerful online solutions that manage the sale, the reporting, collections, and more.

Your store on every device

Award winning group ecommerce
anywhere & everywhere

Quick Stats

130K+ stores launched

$220M+ in group orders

1.7M+ users

31 Countries

2.4M+ orders


  • Create a Store

    Get your Team or Group sale up and running in minutes. Add photos, descriptions, pricing, terms, and more!

  • Customize Products

    The most flexible software to meet both dealer and group needs. Create a sale with beautiful graphics and custom logos on the most flexible platform available.

  • Manage and Market

    Share and market your online store easily with your group and monitor the sale success in real time.

  • Mobile optimized stores

    Over 35% of OMG! sales come from mobile devices. We provide ultra responsive stores for both mobile and desktop.

  • Collect funds

    Setup a free merchant account in seconds. Easy credit card processing and with PCI-DSS level 1 compliant for optimal security.

“The OrderMyGear team knows our business and our people and they go above and beyond to deliver.”

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Who we are

Who we are

“Great vision without great people is irrelevant.”

Jim Collins, Good to Great

Kent McKeaigg

CEO & Founder

James Skidmore

COO & Co-founder

Dave Hanson

Chief Strategy Officer

Tiffany Hartman

Creative Services

Amber Inman

Store Specialist

Sara Johnson

Store Specialist

Justin Roberts

Store Specialist

Melanie Tipps

Account Manager

Chirag Patel

Account Manager

Darby Unruh

Account Manager

Megan Dillard

Marketing & Communication Manager

Britney Mueller

Manager, Team & School Sales

Stevy Olive

Team Specialist

Christian Hughes

Team Specialist

Justy Moore

Team Specialist

John Hertenberger

Product Manager

Matt Drollette

Software Engineer

Daniel Hodges

Software Engineer

Drew Simon

Software Engineer

Danny Raetzsch

Software Engineer

Jordan Moreno

Software Engineer

Adam Moore

Software Engineer

Pawan Agarawal

Software Engineer

Caleb Rogers

Software Engineer

Jay Kinderknecht

Vendor Success Manager

Tyler Samuel

Sales Manager

Jason King

Sales Manager

David Butterfield

Sales Manager

Jordan Prochaska

Sales Manager

Ben Scott

Sales Manager

Jamie Gilmore

Sales Manager

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