OMGeoGuessr Map: X Marks the Spot

“Team is Everything” is the first line of OrderMyGear’s value statement. In this blog post, I’m going to discuss one of the ways we’ve tried to implement this value. When you’re first hire

OMGineer Highlight: Phil Hatton’s Software Engineer Journey + Giving Back to Young Coders

With a large part of our day-to-day spent working with some form of software or computer program, computer science jobs and degrees are in higher demand than ever before. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Stat

Exploring Concurrency

At OMG, many of our backend microservices are written in the Go Programming Language. Among a few other things, Go is primarily famous for having extremely efficient, first class concurrency support.

Data Normalization at OMG

Big Data is one of the most popular buzzwords and truth is, we generate a lot of data. That said, data does us no good unless it contains meaning. Data is power. Problem is, the data can be as varied

Testing UI Components Part 1: Atoms + Molecules

Testing: The final frontier (or in TDD, the initial frontier). There are a ton of ways to do it but in general, it’s hard to know what to test. With all the different testing frameworks out ther

Bridging Engineering and Design: Site Maps and Route Maps

Building a robust website is no small task. Countless articles have been written about pieces of the end-to-end process: the initial stages of ideation and user research activities that define what co

The Advantages of Infinite Scroll and Intersection Observer API

If you have any experience developing web interfaces, you have most likely encountered pagination. When there is too much data to present at once, pagination allows the user to explore the data one b

“Controlled Deployments” at OMG

If you’re a developer, then you’ve probably heard the acronym‚”CI/CD” Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment. When creating a new application we often start with the

Engineering Hiring at OMG

Every company does Engineering hiring and onboarding differently – and OMG is no exception. The OMG culture is a rare find, and it all starts with the way we interview, hire, and onboard our new

3 Reasons You Should Server-Render Your React App

So you’ve decided to use React for your app. Congratulations, you’ve made a fantastic choice. Over the past few years, React has become the leading JavaScript library for building web app


Every week in March, we will be highlighting some OMG’ers so you can get a feel for the people behind the magic! The OrderMyGear Engineering Team consists of some of the top talent in the softwa