OMG Leadership & Board

Meet OMG’s leaders who constantly invest in talent and technology that drives our innovation.

Leonid Rozkin

Chief Executive Officer

High school chess & tennis captain • Data fanboy • Self-proclaimed expert dog walker

Matt Kaplan


Charm City native • Could eat sushi for every meal • Deathly afraid of alligators

Dustin Downing

Chief Product Officer

Ran with the bulls in Pamplona • World map enthusiast • Has impeccable balance

Jeff Harris

Chief Revenue Officer

Grew up gigging frogs • Has a (handsome) twin brother •  Loves his Italian Greyhounds

Daniel Hodges

Senior Vice President, Engineering

Has lived in every “T” state in the U.S. • More comfortable in skates than shoes •  Favorite sport: Brunch

Tanya Ignacek-Sutton

Senior Vice President

Favorite time of day? Coffee time! • Lifelong orophile (mountain lover) •  Always up for an adventure

Mykayla Goodwin

Vice President, Strategy

Lifelong professional student • Podcast aficionado •  Animal lover

Adam Gainey

Vice President, Revenue Operations

Jurassic Park superfan • Expert level vacation planner •  Woo Pig Sooie!

Jim McAlister

Vice President, Accounting

Grill & chill master • Loves a mountain view •  Iowa Hawkeyes superfan

OMG Board

Ben Weinberg

Managing Director, SGE

Aaron Flack

Vice President, SGE

Kent McKeaigg

Founder, OrderMyGear

Dave Dutch

Executive Chairman, OrderMyGear

Dan Halama

Founder, BrightStores