OMG Leadership & Board

Meet OMG’s leaders who constantly invest in talent and technology that drives our innovation.

Dave Dutch

Chief Executive Officer

Last meal: Nachos • Refuses to wear a tie • Bleeds Green “Sparty ON!”

Matt Kaplan


Charm City native • Could eat sushi for every meal • Deathly afraid of alligators

Jaclyn Unruh

Chief of Staff

7th grade wrestler • #1 fan of her own cooking • Kansas City is in Missouri

Leonid Rozkin

Chief Financial Officer

Excel fanboy • High school tennis and chess captain • From Russia with love

Wade Williams

Chief Technology Officer

Old VW engine enthusiast • OMG highest Vertical Jump • Hare Krishna friend in 80s and 90s

Ben Truehart

Chief Strategy Officer

Vehicle Preference: Canoe • Unabashed cat man • Let’s go Twins!

Dustin Downing

Senior Vice President of Product & Engineering

Ran with the bulls in Pamplona • World map enthusiast • Has impeccable balance

Daniel Hodges

Vice President of Engineering

More comfortable in roller skates than shoes • Favorite sport: Brunch • Grey hair, don’t care

Mitch Hammer

Vice President of Marketing

‘I am a rich man’ – Cher • Peaky Blinders • Believes in reincarnation

Adam Swearingen

Vice President of Sales

Girl Dad • Slightly addicted to Chik-fil-A • Best GPS location: beach or golf course

OMG Board

Ben Weinberg

Managing Director, SGE

Aaron Flack

Vice President, SGE

Kent McKeaigg

Founder, OrderMyGear

Dave Dutch

Chief Executive Officer, OrderMyGear