Online Store Tool Kit

Reach your customers with these helpful marketing resources, including email templates, cheat sheets, success stories, and more!

Online Store Discovery Checklist

Use this document to gather helpful information from your customer & explore which online store option is the best fit for their needs.

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Redemption Store Use Cases

Support paymentless checkout for any customer, any time of the year with Redemption Stores. Check out this infographic for helpful tips and ideas on when to run your next store.

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Online Store Use Cases eBook

Online stores are a critical sales tool, and represent a significant advantage for tech-enabled distributors, dealers, and decorators. Check out this eBook of 9 different online store programs for your customers.

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Technology State of the Union Report

Download the industry’s first-ever Technology State of the Union report, and get data-driven insights designed to increase your value & boost revenue.

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Redemption Stores Cheat Sheet

Support gifting and incentive-based programs for your customers with Redemption Stores! Download our helpful cheat sheet for a refresher on the many use cases and benefits.



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Online Store Use Cases Sheet

Online stores are a great way to open up new sales opportunities and expand into new markets. Here are popular use cases to spark ideas for your customers.

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Online Company Store Best Practices

Make the most of your online company store with these six tips for branding, marketing, and stocking your stores.

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Store Launch Checklist

Tried-and-true steps to ensure your store is ready for a successful launch.

Social Media Cheat Sheet

Great social media posts start with high quality images and a well-defined strategy. Check out these tips to elevate your social media game.

Social Media Ideas & Captions

Promote your online stores and communicate with customers on social media. Get started with these pre-written captions.

Online Pop-up Store Timeline

Consistency is key to achieving repeat success with your online pop-up stores. Customize this timeline to share with your customers.

Online Fundraising Store Formula

Launch online fundraising stores that wow customers and exceed goals with our Fundraiser Formula.

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Online Pop-Up Store Best Practices

Creating a pop-up store? Follow these best practices to launch a profitable online store customers will love!

10 Free Resources to Grow Your Business

The right tools make all the difference. Check out this list of free resources OMG clients use for marketing, collaborating, and more.

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Spirit Wear Store Guide

Maximize fundraising efforts and increase school pride with OMG online stores. Here are six key ways to make your next spirit wear store a success.

Prospecting 101

Consistently searching for new customers is essential to growing your business. Here are a few ideas to take your prospecting to the next level.