The Fundraising Store Solution

Create custom online stores to unite people around causes that matter most to them.

Move the Needle with a Fundraising Strategy that Works

Optimize the online fundraising process with powerful built-in tools and features.

From local events to nationwide causes, quickly launch online stores with powerful branding and fundraising features that make it simple to spread the word and collect funds. Plus, customer’s can visually monitor the success of a fundraising campaign with OMG’s Fundraising Tracker.

The Benefits

Win Over New Customers

Maximize Success of Fundraising Initiatives

Create Memorable Experiences

Animal Fundraiser Store

Fundraising stores can be an impactful way to unite people around a cause and provide support when it’s needed most. Animal-related causes are a top opportunity!

School Fundraiser Store

Whether your customer is a superfan or repping their tribe, providing branded experiences from first click to checkout makes you the go-to for branded apparel.

Employee Fundraiser Store

Healthcare proves to be one of the top industries to service, and OMG makes the ordering and fulfillment for these branded orders second-nature.

Features for Success

Complete Branding

Leverage White Label, Custom Domains, and more for a custom, story-telling experience

Per-product Fundraising

Add fundraising to specific products based on your customer’s need

Fundraising Tracker

Utilize social proof to encourage consumers to make purchases towards a fundraising goal

“If it wasn’t for OMG, we would have only raised a fraction of the funds we ended up raising and wouldn’t have had a way to manage all of the orders.”

Spotlight Sport & Corporate Wear

“OMG was a tremendous asset for our [fundraising] project. They supplied us with our platform, and behind the scenes, we benefited from marketing tools, branding, and other services. It’s the best outcome we could have hoped for.”

Stan’s Sports Center

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