Manage Online Stores with Ease

Reduce manual tasks with an online store platform that makes it simple to monitor store performance and fulfill orders quickly.

Efficient Order Management

Save valuable time and process orders faster with OMG’s order management tools. Whether you fulfill orders on-demand, weekly, or in bulk, we provide capabilities that help you be more efficient and exceed customer expectations – every single time.

Manage Orders

Adjust and fulfill orders quickly by viewing orders across all stores from a single view.

Custom Statuses

Create and assign Custom Order Statuses tailored to processes that fit your business.

Packing Slips

Sort and bag orders with speed and accuracy, keeping your Team and customers on the same page.

On-Demand Reporting

Access detailed reports around the clock so you can make well-informed decisions that drive growth.

OMG Dashboard

Keep a pulse on the performance of all your online stores by viewing key sales metrics on the OMG Dashboard. From identifying year-to-year opportunities to copying high-performing stores in just one click, you can keep track of trends in the office or on the go.

Specialized Reports

Purchase Orders

Personalization Report

Work Orders

Fundraising Report

Sync Up With Pre-Built Integrations

Reduce manual data entry and errors with seamless pre-built integrations that will keep your business operations in sync. From Accounting to Shop Management and everything in between, we are always adding new integrations to make your workday even easier.


Want to create a custom integration? Connect to third-party systems such as shop management, ERP, and order management systems using OMG’s Orders API.

Ready to create an online store?

Grow your business online with a Team paving the way for your success.

“OMG is user-friendly and completely customizable – a great solution for collecting orders for all sorts of scenarios! I have enjoyed learning and using the OMG platform.”

Target Marketing Group

“The OMG platform is a key differentiator for us. With OMG, I can process triple digit order quantities once a store closes in about the same time it used to take to process a single order.”

R&M Unlimited

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Grow your business online with a Team paving the way for your success.