Takeaways From Sports, Inc.

By Kent Mckeaigg on 25 Jun 2015


This past weekend all but one of the OrderMyGear staff attended the Sports, Inc Summer Show in San Antonio. The show was just three and a half hours from our office in Dallas, so we felt like a road trip was in order. That means we hand over 20 employees with green shirts hanging out in a 10X20 booth.

Although we didn’t “need” that many for sales or customer success, we knew it would be invaluable for our engineers, our Service team, and our Dealer Success team to rub shoulders with our customers in a buying show environment.

It was money well spent. It was fun to see “Howie,” from Badger Sporting Goods come up with a feature idea and in a few hours our developers had pushed it live. OrderMyGear has always gone to great lengths to increase knowledge and understanding in our industry and this was a fun event for us to continue that habit.

We were also proud to debut our OrderMyGear Catalog feature. Now dealers have a tool to create custom product collections in a digital format where coaches can order. This means they can better server their customer by creating targeted, smaller multi-vendor catalogs for say, Volleyball coaches. It is also a tool where vendor reps can also to more strategically package their products to better serve their dealer and to increase the their effectiveness. One thing every rep for every team dealer is short on is time, and time is money. The OMG! Catalog is a tool reps can use to sell more strategically and get to more people.