8 Unique Sectors to Service

By Hayley Bell on 23 Mar 2020


When was the last time you brainstormed new markets and how to sell to them? Whether it was just this morning or a couple years ago, now is the perfect time to revisit your selling strategy to expand your business and grow sales.

Get out of the rut of selling to the same old groups, or worse, leaving money on the table, and consider a thoughtful new way to grab hold of selling opportunities that are all around you.

Here are eight sectors to consider selling opportunities with:


1. Healthcare

When thinking of servicing healthcare groups, most people think of scrubs and labcoats. While this is certainly accurate, money is often being left on the table by limiting items, misunderstanding situational uses, and overlooking less common facilities and programs. Expand your target market by considering nursing homes, dental offices, birthing centers, dispensaries, doctors’ offices, mental health clinics, skincare and dermatology labs, and physical therapy offices. Ideas for servicing these groups could include:

  • Professional wear for office personnel such as polos, slacks, cardigans, button-ups, and jackets
  • Branded items for the staff like totes, drinkware, and customized lunch bags so no one steals lunch!
  • Wellness launches such as “Flu Season Prep” or “Summer Sun Protection” campaign stores


2. Safety & Rescue

construction online store omg

Workplace safety is critical in many industries, and employees need apparel and gear that ensures their safety, as well as keep them compliant with regulations such as those enforced by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). In addition to being safe, these items need to be comfortable, performance-grade, and industry-specific, so be sure to do your due diligence before pitching to prospects. Potential groups to approach include:

  • Mining, steel, logging, and agriculture
  • Trade professionals in construction, trucking, aviation, and automotive
  • Public safety professionals such as police, fire, rescue, and military

OMG data suggests that outside of job-specific gear, top-selling items for these groups include performance tees, sweatshirts, caps, and jackets.


3. Non-profit Organizations

Local businesses have a unique ability to support local causes and communities in a way that larger corporations or chains cannot. Non-profit organizations to consider include charities, animal shelters, volunteer service organizations, public schools and libraries, and churches. Serving these groups could look like:

OMG data suggests top-selling items for these groups include t-shirts, sweatshirts, baseball caps, or cash donation options.


4. College Clubs

college clubs omg online storesLearning the art of proudly repping ones’ college is practically a requirement to graduate. Within each college or university, there are a variety of clubs and sub-groups that students identify with, creating a huge opportunity for dealers and distributors. Millennials and Gen Z’ers are constantly looking for new ways to show off their affiliations, so approaching these groups with unique, high-quality products and an easy way to purchase items increases your odds of success. College groups to approach include:

  • Academic departments and clubs
  • Sororities and fraternities
  • Volunteer organizations such as humanitarian clubs and cause fundraising groups
  • Student-led committees and media groups
  • Special interest groups such as language and religious clubs
  • Performance arts groups like theater and choir

OMG data suggests these groups prefer softer, worn-in fabrics with comfy and vintage styles. Top-selling items include short-sleeve t-shirts, comfy sweatshirts, and polos.


5. Fitness Facilities & Gyms

online store gym omgThe athleisure trend has taken the world by storm, and record levels of Americans have gym memberships, with Millennials being willing to spend more money on their health and fitness than any previous generation. Get the most out of the athleisure trend by offering seasonal, functional, and fashionable options that empower individuals to rep their fitness tribe. Ideas for this market include:

  • Seasonal apparel stores for corporate fitness chains
  • Yoga, pilates, or barre boutique
  • CrossFit, Boxing, or Jiu Jitsu gyms
  • Community running or biking meet-ups
  • Local competitions for team sports or weightlifting
  • Event-specific stores for races such as 5ks, Fun Runs, or marathons


6. Political Campaigns

While the 2020 presidential election has made politics top of mind for many, most people don’t realize that elections happen every year in the US. Congressional elections take place every two years with state and local races occurring annually. A politician’s race for the office provides communities the chance to rally around their candidate and express their support. Ideas for servicing political campaigns include:

  • Buttons or pins for the candidates and their supporters
  • Cinch sacks, reusable tote bags, or backpacks donning the candidate(s) name or slogan
  • T-shirts and sweatshirts supporting the candidates
  • Pens or key chains such as bottle openers, pen lights, or magnets
  • Pre-event or rally sales to hype up supporters


7. Local Artists

online store omg local artistLocal artists and musicians are always looking for ways to help fans get the word out about their work. Online pop-up stores can be a unique way for artists to create buzz and offer limited-edition items for fans to show support for their favorite artists. A local artist’s first thought likely isn’t to build an online pop-up store, which is why your expertise is extra valuable, especially if you can host the website and allow them to take home some of the profits. Some ways to find artists to support in your area include:

  • Checking the lineup of musicians that play at local cafes and bars
  • Finding comedy shows featuring local acts
  • Attending local festivals where artists may be displaying or selling their work
  • Browsing Facebook or Instagram to find artists in your area


8. Additional Groups to Consider

Don’t stop there! A variety of opportunities can be found around you. Here are a few others to reach out to:

  • Educational leaders and institutions including teachers, seminars, private schools, seminaries, and alumni associations
  • Professionals like lawyers, real estate agents, and certified public accountants (CPA’s)
  • Government organizations including local offices, agencies, and services
  • Camps such as sport camps, summer camps, and local trainings


Taking a fresh look at some of these groups will open your business up to new sales channels and business growth.


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