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By Aubrey Scharff on June 7th, 2022


Even though summer has only just begun for students, the time to get your business ready for Back to School is now! 

While the students are relaxing, you can be prepping your business for the most wonderful time of year! You may be thinking a different season coined that term, but the back to school season could be pivotal for your business…and I’ll tell you why… The planned total combined spend for Back to School this year is 108.1 billion. In fact, 37.8% of back-to-school spending is on apparel and clothing, which means team dealers, promotional products distributors, and decorators (like you!) can do $408,618,000 in sales this time of year! 

So, it really might be the most wonderful time of the year, and we’re here to help you maximize sales and simplify how you do business.

We’re not saying we have all the answers to the phenomenon that is back-to-school shopping but here’s what we know: OMG’s online stores have been put to the test! And they passed with flying colors! Whether you need an online store solution for a small project or capstone project, we have what you need. OMG only wins when you do, we grow when you grow. 

Consider us your teacher for all things online stores. So phones away, heads up, class is in session!

Back to School Use Cases

The fall is the busiest time of year for students and their parents, and it could be for your business too! Can’t imagine what you could use an online store for? Let me paint you a picture: Your kid just made the football team, he worked all summer and it paid off! But now the real fun starts. Fundraising is how many teams can travel from game to game and provide gear for their players. The days of going door to door, and pitching your coupon card to every neighbor are over! 

Online stores are a perfect way to raise your funds in a couple of different ways. You could have a Fundraising Store purely for neighbors, fans, and family to donate to, that can be shared with your network in a single click on social media. You could also sell apparel for every member of the family and supporters of the team with a Spirit Wear Store

Need another example? 

Maybe you’re the coach of the football team. Uniform order day used to be a nightmare, but not anymore! The replacement for the paper order form is here, and it’s an OMG online store. Let’s say you have 100 players, instead of you having to load each individual order form onto your jersey website, you now can create an online store in 20 minutes or less for every team gear need – ranging from water bottles to practice wear.

The possibilities for back-to-school online stores are endless! Most of the popular items for the months leading up to school are apparel, but don’t be afraid to color outside of the lines and put other items on your stores. Need t-shirts for the Spanish club? What about custom pens and rulers for the classroom? Need to collect an art supply fee for this semester from every student? Take the guesswork out of ordering with our online store platform!

A+ Features for You to Harness

You don’t have to be a computer genius to use online stores, in fact, our platform is user-friendly and we have our Support Team on standby to help you create a store with ease. We’ve focused on making our online stores simple to use and create, with no studying required! 

Creating a back-to-school store is a breeze with these features:

  • Store Duplication: Save time by recreating any store with a single click, copying over products, logos, and other store settings
  • Live Inventory Feeds: Streamline product selection during the store creation process with Live Inventory feeds from top suppliers and brands
  • Product Bundles: Encourage consumers to purchase multiple items in a few clicks, perfect for team uniforms or new hire kits
  • Fundraising Tracker: Utilize social proof to encourage consumers to make purchases towards a fundraising goal
  • Advanced Branding: Build fully-branded online stores with powerful features like custom domains, white-labeled stores, and create stunning banners from millions of high-quality stock images in the Image Library

Key Takeaways for the School Year

The bell is about to ring and this lesson will be over shortly, here are some things to remember this back to school season:

  • The amount spent on back to school is higher than it was last year, and there is room to make this a great success for your business 
  • Online stores can be used for every project – big and small
  • Creating and using online stores is a piece of cake!

If you’ve made it this far, you get a gold star! 

Best of luck this year – your online store professor, OMG.

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