Badass Women of Promo Podcast Features Leslie Ayuko of OrderMyGear

By Hayley Bell on 5 Sep 2019


After making an incredible impression at the PPAI Women’s Leadership Conference earlier this year (see here), OrderMyGear’s own Leslie Ayuko was highlighted by Charity Gibson in the Badass Women of Promo Podcast.

Leslie Ayuko joined OrderMyGear earlier this year and is helping to shape our Account Management Team in the Promotional Products Industry. Initially, she was an elementary school music teacher, and after several years, went back to school to get her Masters in Nonprofit Administration and Development. Through receiving that degree, Leslie realized how much she loved business and developing business growth.

It was then that she took the bold jump into changing her career path from music teaching to business.

In considering joining OrderMyGear as part of that change, Leslie states that “a huge value offered was OrderMyGear’s intentionality in maintaining a relationship through the platform.

“Yes, we are a technology platform that helps with online stores, but we also know you, and we want to know you, and seek to build that relationship.”


Through her conversation with Charity, Leslie points out that distributors in the promotional products industry offer more than just products. There is more value that each distributor offers because these products are allowing personal relationships to be built- these products are about experiences. They reiterated the importance of a statement Brittany David, PPAI Board of Directors Chair and SnugZ USA Sales VP made: “You’re not just selling 500 coffee mugs. You’re selling 500 ways to say thank you.”

Charity reflected on that by offering her own experience in the industry where promotional products weren’t just products- to her, they were magic.

“I had a vision of this company that I wanted to start.. I grew up poor and thought, you can’t start your own business, well guess what, I did.

“I didn’t know if I was going to be a success or a failure, but the day that those pens came in the mail, and I saw this logo that was only in my head before, and it was only on a piece of paper, and I only saw it on a computer screen, and I thought, ‘I did it.’

This is my trophy. I made it. I, Little Charity Gibson from small town Tucson, Arizona opened my own business. To me this is the best day of my life and it was a 24-cent pen because that’s all I could afford. But I knew that was important.

“If I’m going to sell promo, I need to believe in it and use it to build my own business.

Sometimes in this industry, we forget that what we do is magic.”


To listen to the podcast, click here.

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