Client Onboarding: Your Map to Success

By Lauren Seip on November 19, 2021


Picture this: A hiker is walking through a dense forest, the sun is setting, and they have no compass guiding them along the way. They’re tired and lost. 

Okay, this scenario seems pretty dramatic, but let’s apply it to your business… Your new clients are the hikers, if they don’t have a compass “aka, a trusted onboarding process,” then how will they ever know where to go? How do they reach their destination, or goals, with your company?

The truth is, many companies are laser-focused on growing their book of business, and forget to dedicate energy into onboarding current clients. 

Yes, it’s exciting to win over a new client because you have the opportunity to show them what your company is all about! But, without a detailed onboarding program in place (packed with email sequences, webinars, and more) they won’t be able to leverage all the services you offer, and they may not stick around as long. 

Best Practices for Onboarding New Clients 

When developing an onboarding program, it’s important to walk in your client’s shoes. What pain points do your services address? How can your offerings simplify their day-to-day lives? 

Over 90% of customers think that companies “could do better” when it comes to onboarding new customers (Wyzowl). So, the stakes are high when you’re developing an educational program that guides clients to find value in your service. 

Consider these three key components for your onboarding program: 

  • Define Expectations & Set Goals: Clients need to know what to expect as they navigate their way through the onboarding process. Clearly define expectations so there are no surprises, and establish milestones for them to check off along the way. 
  • Focus on the Relationship: The initial stage of a client’s journey is the perfect time to foster lasting connections. Take time to get to know your clients and the goals they are hoping to achieve along the way. 
  • Flexible Process: Every client’s needs are different, which is why no onboarding program should be on a rigid schedule with zero room for flexibility. Make sure the focus is on the individual, rather than creating a redundant process that lacks customization. 

Even though it can be time-consuming to conceptualize the perfect onboarding process, it’s worth ironing out a series of educational steps that will make a client’s journey memorable from start to finish. 

Onboarding in Action: Meet OMG JumpStart

OrderMyGear (OMG) JumpStart program trains all new and existing users of the online store platform. Whether it’s an informative webinar or a series of emails, JumpStart has created the tools necessary to ensure early success. According to OMG data, accounts that go through JumpStart sell 60% more merchandise than those who opt out. 

Let’s hear from the experts!

Meet Jarron Sharp, JumpStart Team Manager, and Katie Adams, JumpStart Account Manager. Read on to see their thoughts on what it takes to build a successful onboarding experience: 

What is your favorite part of onboarding new clients? 

KA: My favorite part is being able to learn about the clients. Each client has their own story of how they got to this point. From a brick-and-mortar business that became popular in their town, all the way to a new business idea that is just getting its feet wet in the space, each and every one of our clients has a unique perspective and a reason for choosing OMG. 

What is one way to establish a consistent onboarding process? 

JS: We’ve determined that repeated (and recorded) webinar content provides consistent messaging on the core functions of our platform, and the most effective way to quickly ramp all OMG users. If you rely on a highly developed knowledge base, you can never truly get off course; the route to success may just look a tad different each time.

Why is it a must to collect data and feedback throughout this process? 

KA: We always want to have a complete picture of who our clients are. The onboarding process is built for our clients, which points to making sure that we are providing the best information possible. Collecting information throughout JumpStart is vital as clients’ businesses change, their Teams change, and even sometimes our clients’ customers change! Making sure that we, as the Jumpstart Team, know that our clients are growing and shifting is part of what makes this Team so enjoyable to be a part of. Even the littlest of updates can uncover a new way of presenting our great OMG features! 

How can you customize the onboarding experience for every new client? 

JS: While we have best practices learned from years of onboarding, every process is (and should be!) different from client to client. The most common reasons for customization of the onboarding experience would be tailoring based on account needs (perhaps someone needs reporting help early, while another client is especially interested in our newest features), as well as tailoring based on the needs of specific users. We do our best to understand what matters most to each user and then we train them on those elements of OMG.

How can you continue to build client relationships once the onboarding process is completed?

KA: There are a good amount of clients who end up being difficult to say goodbye to when we get to the end of their time in JumpStart. I always like to reiterate the fact that I’m not going anywhere, they’re just onto the next step! Also, it’s truly never goodbye, it’s more of a “see you later” as JumpStart is able to make an impact through our weekly webinars. Plus, if any additional training is required, Team Jumpstart is here to help!

Inspired? Take some time to invest in creating or revamping your onboarding program that guides clients with a series of informative steps that will leave lasting impressions. 

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