How to Avoid the Top 3 Dealer Mistakes

By Melanie Tipps on 24 Mar 2016


When it comes to online stores, we have seen it all. Among the millions of transactions on OrderMyGear, we’ve seen some stores have crazy success while others fail. Here are the top 3 mistakes we’ve seen and our best tips to help ensure the success of your store.

Too many options

Don’t make reaching minimums impossible. Offering too many garments and/or logos can make production more difficult and can make for a lengthy decision making process for your customers. Make choosing easier; Americans, on average, make 70 choices daily. Don’t make it more complicated than it should be!

Try offering a limited number of products but in different types. For example, offer both long and short sleeve options for cotton and moisture wicking, but refrain from offering five cotton tees.

Too general

Make your customers feel like they are a part of a small community. For example, a general store for the city of Dallas won’t attract your customer like a store for Dallas Elementary School Swimming Team. Break down large communities into sub-communities, turn those sub-communities into stores, and promote those stores directly to the participants using email and social media.

Too much time

Create a sense of urgency. A store that is open for a month is typically less successful than a store that is open for 10-14 days. Data shows customers are ordering either when the store first opens or right before the deadline. Reduce your date window so that the store is effective the entire time. This method can also make your early ordering customers feel like you have a fast turnaround time, too!

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