Industry Insight: Focusing on Real Estate

By Hayley Bell on 26 Apr 2021


Real Estate has been a hot market over the past few years, with record-low mortgage rates and limited supply. With lots of moving parts and adapting to the environment, companies within the real estate industry are busy and in need of services that will make their lives easier. Distributors and decorators who understand company needs and meet them in a simple way have the chance to make a big name for themselves.


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About Real Estate

There are four different types of real estate: Residential, Commercial, Industrial, and Land. Here are some of the distinctions for each type:

Residential Real Estate is housing for individuals, families, or groups. This includes new-build homes, resale homes, single-family dwelling, multi-family dwelling, condominium (condos), cooperatives (co-ops), townhouses, vacation homes, and mobile homes.

Commercial Real Estate (CRE) is buildings for businesses to carry out their operations. This includes office buildings, individual stores, shopping malls, medical centers, hotels and leisure property, parking lots, educational buildings, storage facilities, apartments, theaters, gas stations, restaurants, and more.

Industrial Real Estate is land and buildings used for industrial business activities. This includes buildings and facilities for warehousing, research and development, production, storage, distribution, plants, data server centers, construction, transportation, logistics, and more.

Land Real Estate and Real Property is vacant or raw land purchased for natural resources or future development. This includes raw land, subdivision or planned urban development (PUD) lots, recreational lots, farms and ranches, orchards, and more.

Types of companies within the Real Estate industry:

  • Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT)
  • Real Estate Private Equity (REPE)
  • Asset Management (i.e. banks and insurance companies)
  • Private Lenders
  • Real Estate Agent or Broker
  • Property Management
  • Construction and Development Companies
  • Real Estate Law

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Online Store Use Cases

As technology continues to be adopted in this (and other) industries, online stores will become a natural solution when servicing your accounts. Online stores make it easy to collect orders – even across various locations, state lines, and on a mobile device.

Here are a few of the most common use cases we’ve seen for real estate account online stores:

Client Gifts: Take client appreciation gifts to the next level by creating a purchase order online store for employees to send clients to select the appreciation gift they would most like to receive.

Business Items: Take orders for business cards, banners and yard signs, and other business-related items in limited periods of time to encourage sales and simulate bulk orders.

Seasonal Options: Keep up with shifting trends and changing seasons by offering limited-time seasonal or trending apparel and products.

Holiday Stores: Reward employees with a holiday store or employee appreciation gifts after a well-deserved quarter or year.

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Product Suggestions

Deloitte Insights suggest that over the next few months and years, Commercial Real Estate companies are going to have to take specific steps to prepare their workforce. From adopting and incorporating technology (virtual showings, remote work options, technology accessories, and online store ordering) to promoting employee health and well-being (masks, shields, sanitizer, wellness items, etc.), companies will need your help to meet the needs of their employees and the shifting work environment.

OMG data suggests the following products are top-sellers across all online stores related to real estate:

  • Jackets
  • Soft tees
  • Long sleeve tees
  • Fleece pullovers
  • Tumblers
  • Business items & signs

Additional products that could be considered for these online stores include:

  • Backpacks, totes, lunch coolers, and duffle bags
  • Tumblers and water bottles
  • Technology accessories: headphones, device sleeves, etc.
  • Business items: business cards, padfolios, yard signs, banners, etc.
  • Client gift options: gift baskets, cooking sets, golf bags, etc.

Sample Stores & OMG Features

If real estate industry accounts are accustomed to simple bulk orders, they may not think to ask for an online store solution. By bringing your expertise and thought leadership to the conversation, you can provide a simple and modern solution that simultaneously streamlines your workflow and boosts sales. It’s a win-win!

Click on the sample stores below to take a look!

Real Estate Company Online Store OMG Employee Sample Store OMG Holiday Employee Appreciation OMG
Real Estate Employee [ Your Company Here ] Holiday Employee Appreciation

OMG features specifically designed to support online stores for real estate industry accounts include:

Consumer Order Status: Boost customer satisfaction and improve the overall buying experience by allowing customers to access on-demand order status. This frees up time for your Team by facilitating customers in answering their questions.

Shipping Options: Make it simple for customers to choose how they want to receive their order by offering shipping options like drop-ship location, pick-up in store, or ship-to-home at checkout. Shipping discounts can also be applied as a discount marketing strategy.

Store Deadline: Create urgency to get orders in and maximize sales by setting a store deadline. Not only will this maximize your sales, it will also support you in meeting product minimums, and keeping product order and fulfillment costs low.

Gift Cards: Show appreciation or provide employee incentives with online stores. Encourage gift cards as a way for companies to appreciate or incentivize employees, while giving employees the chance to purchase additional products on their own dime.

Product Personalization: Gather personalization information with ease, whether it’s department, name, or location. OMG offers easy product personalization options, complete with reporting that makes it a breeze to fulfill personalized orders.

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