OMG Client’s Favorite Features

By Aubrey Scharff on September 15, 2022


The verdict is in!

We asked some of our clients what their favorite OMG feature was and how online stores have helped grow their business.

From verified supplier products to custom statuses, the four clients we asked each had something different to say!

We asked a Sales Rep at Go Promo about their thoughts on the OMG platform, here’s what this promotional product distributor said:

What is your favorite feature OrderMyGear offers?

The ease of adding a product with OMG’s library of verified products.

Why is that your favorite feature?

It allows us to easily add products to stores (even new releases), which allows for a quicker webstore build.

How has this feature helped your business?

Other online stores we’ve had experience with have been cumbersome and time-consuming. The OMG product database keeps us efficient and effective in timely delivery of webstore offerings to our customers.

About Go Promo

Founded in 2012, Go Promo is a brand-boosting, swag-selling, creative promo agency with offices in West Fargo, Hope, and Bismarck, ND. We help organizations promote themselves through the creative use of imprinted apparel and promotional products. Our company is focused on helping our clients strengthen their brand awareness which in turn will enhance their bottom line. We use a mix of creativity and industry experience to find the perfect products that fit your brand and your budget.

The Owner of RADco Apparel shared how OMG has been helpful to his business as a team dealer:

What is your favorite OMG feature? 

Our favorite feature is easily being able to create shipping labels for individual orders using the integrated shipping options.

Why is that your favorite feature? 

We handle a lot of OMG stores which require us to drop ship each order.

How has this feature helped your business? 

This function allows us to create and print shipping labels in a quick and efficient way without the need to use a separate system.

About RADco Apparel

With 1000s of selections, RADco Apparel & Promotions offers branded merchandise to fulfill all of your needs. Put our knowledge about promotional products to work for you. With high-quality promotional products, fast delivery times, and prices to fit all budgets, we will provide customized, relevant recommendations for you.

A Group Sales Manager at 185 Promotions & Apparel told us how OMG helps their business as a promotional product distributor:

What is your favorite feature OrderMyGear offers? 

I love the Custom Status feature.

Why is that your favorite feature? 

I love that I’m able to go in and see what is new, what’s in production, and line itemize it out.

How has this feature helped your business? 

I feel like Custom Statuses help us stay organized – anyone in our office is able to access that information. If someone was on vacation, we wouldn’t have to bug the sales rep because we can just log into OMG.

About 185 Promotions & Apparel

185 promotions & Apparel is a certified women’s business enterprise based locally in Carmel, Indiana. We’re dedicated to personalized service and a seamless experience from order to fulfillment.

We asked an Account Manager at TagYourSwag how OMG has helped them as a decorator and they said:

What is your favorite feature OrderMyGear offers? 

My favorite feature in OMG is the gift cards.

Why is that your favorite feature? 

Gift Cards are my favorite because they are easy to send and don’t require much time to create.

How has this feature helped your business? 

Gift Cards have helped our business by bringing in more revenue without having to dedicate a lot of time ourselves. It is a money maker and doesn’t take time away from servicing our customers or projects we are working on.

About TagYourSwag

Our privately held, family-owned and operated enterprise has been decorating apparel and products in Louisville, KY for 35 years. Our team, which since the beginning has been a home for our refugee community, consists of over 100 people representing 10 different countries and 5 different languages. Through the years this multi-generational, multicultural team has been united by our core values and continuously improved through diversity of thought.

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About OrderMyGear 

OrderMyGear (OMG) is an industry-leading sales tool, empowering distributors, decorators, and dealers to create sleek, retail-like online stores for every customer – big or small. Since 2008, OMG has been on a mission to simplify the process of selling branded products and apparel to groups and improve the ordering experience. With easy-to-use tools and unmatched support, the OMG platform powers online stores for over 3,500 clients generating more than $2 billion in online sales. Learn more at