Spread Cheer with OrderMyGear: Product Trends for Holiday Online Stores

By Aubrey Scharff on August 15th, 2022


With July barely in the rearview mirror, it might seem a little early to start thinking about the holiday season, but getting your business ready for the holidays doesn’t happen overnight. Plus, with all the supply chain issues causing order delays and inventory shortages this year, there’s an additional layer of complexity to plan for.

So put on your favorite cozy sweater and grab your hot cider because it’s never too early to start preparing for the busiest time of year! First step? Brainstorming products to suggest for your customers’ Q4 stores. Here are 3 product trends to help you identify products guaranteed to bring joy to your customers and end users.

A step above the rest: Premium Products

Premium products are worth the investment! Liz Haesler, chief merchandising officer at PCNA, says, “The trend in corporate gift-giving has clearly shifted toward well-made, premium-quality products, even at slightly higher price points,” Haesler says. “Choosing these types of gifts—gifts people would buy for themselves—creates a real connection that’s well worth it.” Think of the brands you love. Wouldn’t you love to receive a high-quality reusable water bottle from a brand you would buy on your own? When your customers invest a little more in retail brands like Yeti or Under Armour, it can go a long way, especially for corporate gifts and incentive programs, as well as holiday stores. Their employees and clients will actually use what they’re receiving!

Premium product ideas to suggest to customers:

  • North End Fleece Jacket
  • Landway Sherpa Blanket
  • SnugZ Beanie

More than a trend: Sustainability

Sustainability is not a new concept to the promo world but has significantly increased in popularity over recent years. “There’s no movement stronger in the world today than sustainability,” says ASI President and Chief Executive Officer Tim Andrews. 

Sustainability is more than just a market trend. In addition to steps like making products from recycled materials, suppliers and brands are taking action to make their entire supply chain more sustainable. Customers are taking notice and enjoy being part of the solution. When selecting products to recommend to customers for their holiday stores, consider suppliers and brands that are focused on sustainability and offer eco-conscious products. 

Eco-friendly product ideas to recommend to customers:

If you’re interested in learning more about sustainability and what it means for your business, ASI Central’s Promo for the Planet initiative has a wealth of information and resources.

Comfortable and Casual: Lifestyle Products

As the shift from fully remote to in-person work environments continues, the desire for comfortable company swag grows. According to a study by Lululemon, 81% of people said they performed better at work when dressed comfortably, while 76% felt that casual dress in the workplace creates better connections between colleagues. Rather than filling holiday stores with standard options like branded polos, talk to your customers about selecting more comfortable options that feel like a gift.

Cozy product ideas to suggest to customers:

Tools to make this the jolliest time of year: OMG Features

We know you’re busy selling to customers and running your business. So here are a few OMG online store tools to make the upcoming holiday season easier to manage so you can spend more time with friends and family. 

Make use of features like:

  • Product BundlesEncourage consumers to purchase multiple items in just a few clicks by creating bundles or kits.
  • Supplier Template Stores Create a store faster than you can say “OMG” by using a pre-built template store stocked with supplier-recommended, high-inventory products.
  • Store Layouts – Make retail-like online stores a reality with different layout options that give you total branding control. 
  • Live Inventory Check inventory levels as you create stores to ensure products have healthy inventory.

Bonus: Use our pre-built sample stores to show customers what their holiday store could look like!

It may be early, but let us be the first to wish you a happy + healthy holiday season! 

By making thoughtful product recommendations, getting your customers’ online stores up early, and placing supplier orders with plenty of lead time, we know your customers and end users are going to love their gifts this year. 

As always, if you want to learn more about how OrderMyGear can help grow sales online and spread a little holiday cheer, request a demo with one of our online store experts!

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