Step 1: The Benefits

By Lauren Seip on 1 Mar 2021


There are many questions that revolve around an online pop-up store. Why set one up versus a long-term store? What will the return on investment look like? How many products should I include? The list goes on and on. 

Research has predicted that by 2023, eCommerce will make up 22% of global retail sales, so now is the time to pivot and include this service in your customer offerings. But, as eCommerce continues to expand into every sector of business, it can be difficult to find all of the answers you need before jumping on the bandwagon. 

Online Pop-Up Stores 101 The Benefits

Fortunately, this five-part blog series will help guide you through the benefits of online pop-up stores, how to get started, and what it takes to be successful!

Online stores provide a number of benefits, including: 

  • Increasing sales and creating a seamless experience for your customers
  • Shifting time-consuming processes, such as collecting orders and payments
  • Serving more customers in an efficient, cost-effective way

To sum it up, online stores provide the convenience that end-consumers crave.

So, why should you incorporate pop-up stores into your business strategy? Good question! Here are 5 benefits of pop-ups that will not only appeal to your customers, but help establish your business as forward-thinking and set you apart from competitors. 


Efficient Ordering Process 

We all shop online – that’s just the way it is! When we add a product to the cart and go to check out, we all expect the process to be smooth sailing. But, many times, we must complete unnecessary steps and enter in the same information repeatedly – this can be a huge waste of valuable time. What’s more annoying than that? 

As eCommerce technology continues to grow, the online ordering process needs to be more efficient. With a simple, modern eCommerce buying experience, like pop-up stores, consumers can quickly find what they are looking for and check out in just a few clicks, improving the overall buying journey. It’s all about convenience, and pop-ups offer that every time. 


Convenient Fulfillment 

Speaking of convenience, the evolution of eCommerce has also prompted consumers to expect a quick turnaround time on receiving their orders. And, thanks to Amazon’s 2-day shipping option, that sense of urgency has never been higher. 

Order Fulfillment OMG Pop-Up Stores


Pop-up stores can help scale your fulfillment operations, so orders arrive on the buyer’s doorstep quickly, with no hassle along the way. How, you ask? When using a store-building platform, like OMG, all of your orders and reports are organized and stored in one place, allowing you to focus your attention on inventory management, decoration services, and meeting shipping deadlines. 

Order fulfillment may not be the most exciting aspect of your business’ operations, however its efficiency directly affects customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. This is why you need a system in place that will help streamline fulfillment so you can focus on other aspects of your business. 


Personalization Made Simple 

With OMG’s pop-up store platform, it’s simpler than ever to manage sizes, logos, names, departments or teams, and more. To increase sales, customize the online store based on your customer’s brand and goals. Ensuring storefront branding is consistent with the company or organization the online store is built for makes it immediately obvious that an end-consumer is in the right place and that the experience has been tailored to them. 

Branding Customization OMG Online Pop-Up Stores


Works for All Industries 

Online pop-ups work for every occasion, such as employee uniforms, company swag, incentive programs, functional Teams or departments, Team uniforms, booster clubs, spirit wear, and more. By offering pop-ups in your mix, you can broaden your potential audience with online capabilities that can be shared digitally.

All Industries OMG Pop-Up Stores Target Audience

Plus, with the customization options when building a store, you can easily tailor each storefront to appeal to each industry, no matter who the customer is. With OMG’s store building software, a 20-product store should only take 20 minutes – allowing you to quickly build stores for various industries in a snap!

Check out a few sample store variations to get an idea of what you can create for your clients: 


Demands Urgency 

Consider this scenario: A popular video game is almost out-of-stock. An email goes out, with the subject line “Last Chance to Order”! What do you think recipients will do? Chances are, they’ll order it so they don’t miss out on the action. 

FOMO (aka fear of missing out) is a real thing! With pop-ups, you can set the store’s duration for only a couple of weeks, urging customers to purchase right away before it’s too late. This helps make the products more desirable, and will help increase the sales volume of a store. 


The Next Steps

Now that you understand the main benefits of online pop-up stores, what’s next? 

Take time to consider incorporating pop-up stores into your customer offerings. Not only are they convenient, and easy to use, they offer a new service that will drum up excitement and demand. With OMG, you can even create a few custom sample stores to showcase what’s possible to your customers, so they can envision how this will work for their businesses. 

Then, take a look at more Online Pop-Up Stores 101 articles, packed full of valuable information on how to open a store, pitching your pop-up store solution, and what it takes to make it successful! 

Step 2: Identifying online pop-up store opportunities

Step 3: Effectively pitching your online pop-up store to clients and accounts

Step 4: Creating an online pop-up store designed for success

Step 5: Working with your client to market the online pop-up store

There’s no question about it. From creating lasting impressions to exceeding customer expectations, pop-up stores could be the answer you’ve been searching for.


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