Step 3: The Pitch

By Hayley Bell on 8 Mar 2021


So, you’ve found an opportunity that you think would be a good fit for an online store. How do you talk about it with clients?

The flexibility and reach of online stores makes them a viable option for many use cases (as discussed in Step 2), and provide incredible benefits (as discussed in Step 1). After identifying a scenario where online stores will be a good fit, the next step is to pitch it to your client or account. 

Luckily, an online store solution has a lot to offer, it’s just knowing the right questions to ask, the right benefits to highlight, and the right products to include. Let us show you how!

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Ask the Right Questions

You are an expert in your field, and your clients have hired you for your value and expertise. Drive that home by bringing modern, simple solutions to the table that show you thought through their needs and invested in a project outcome they would be happy with.

Here are ideas of questions to ask when discussing online stores with clients:

  • What do you hope to accomplish for this particular project?
  • What do you want to avoid with this project?
  • How is this process historically done?
  • Who will be ordering products?
  • What kind of personalization options will be needed?
  • When will the products need to be completed by?
  • How often do you expect orders like this to occur?
  • How can we make this process easier for you?
  • How will we know what success looks like for this project?
  • What has been the most time consuming aspect of this project in the past?
  • What has prevented you from offering more products or options to your group?

Tip : Utilize OMG Pitch Deck Resources! When it comes to pitching online stores, we’ve done some of the legwork for you. Go to the Marketing Resources article in the OMG Help Center, download the appropriate Pitch Deck, and customize it to meet the needs of your business and client. You’ll be ready to roll in no time!


Highlight the Right Benefits

As we saw in Step 1, online stores are ripe for reaping a lot of benefits for you and your accounts. That said, not every benefit will stand out to every account. Identify a couple solid benefits that will really speak to your client, and hone in on the value added.

Here are a few key online store benefits you could share with clients: 

  • Created for You – Launch a fully-branded, mobile-friendly online store – your logo, your colors, and top products
  • Saves Time – Spend less time collecting orders, chasing people down, or sending reminders
  • Simple to Shop – Give customers the power to select from pre-approved products, add personalization, and view the status of their orders
  • Flexible Payment Options – Allow customers to order with a credit card, gift card, or via Purchase Orders
  • Secure Ordering – Provide secure ordering opportunities, including custom links and password protection
  • Easy to Share – Make it simple to communicate about your custom online store, including automatic order confirmation & receipts
  • Flexible Solutions – Create employee incentives or new hire bundles, include fundraising opportunities, and incorporate personalization options
Tip : Show them a sample store! We could talk about online stores all day, but imagine the impact of showing up to a client pitch meeting – not only having a plan in mind – but also an actual online store. Show your clients what their logo and your recommended products could look like on their own online store, and show them your initiative during the pitch. Your attention to detail will be noticed, and clients will see you as a trusted, invested expert. Luckily, with OMG, sample stores are easy to build and free of charge. Here are a few sample stores to help get you started!


Include the Right Products

The last thing your client wants to do is sort through bulky catalogues for a specific product. You know what’s best, and you know which direction to guide your client so they’ll be happy with the outcome. Use your expertise to create an incredible experience and show your client that you have their best interest in mind. 

  • Come with good, better, best options for each product you propose – offer new ideas!
  • Suggest top trending products or styles – get creative!
  • Play around with seasonal products – particularly with quarterly or bi-annual stores
  • Repeat top-performing products from previous orders – keep some classic options
  • Research your client’s industry – offer audience-appropriate options
  • Network with other distributors and decorators to find new ideas – get a fresh take
  • Throw a few top products on that pitch meeting sample store – give them a taste

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Additional Resources:

We’ve got your back! Here are additional resources to help guide your pitch and hit the homerun with your accounts:


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