Supplier Focus: Brandwear United

By Lauren Seip on January 6, 2022


Introducing the very first “Supplier Focus with OMG!” This will be a quarterly educational series where you’ll hear from a Supplier on industry trends, popular products, and how to be an expert on all things promotional products and branded goods.

Meet Meghan Brazzelle from Brandwear United, the printwear division of HanesBrands (Hanes, Champion, Alternative, and Comfort Wash). Watch Meghan’s interview, where she’ll discuss what Brandwear United is doing to create a more sustainable planet, and the new products and trends to look out for in 2022.

Can you please give us a brief overview of Brandwear United and your role within the company?

Meghan Brazzelle (MB): Brandwear United is the Printwear division of HanesBrands that consists of Hanes, Champion, Alternative, and Comfort Wash. We like to say Brandwear United is “the brand that your brand deserves.”

What are some product trends to look out for in 2022? 

MB: Garment Dye is heavily trending in the industry. Personally, I love Alternative’s Distressed Heritage, anything in Comfort Wash, and Champion’s iconic Reverse Weave is now offered in Garment Dye to name a few.

Also, sustainability is another huge trend. Consumers today are taking a closer look at the food they consume, the chemicals they put into their bodies, as well as shifting their purchasing decisions to create a cleaner environment through the clothes they wear.

Look for U.S. grown cotton logos, “no virgin poly” callouts, updated fabrications to incorporate more sustainable elements while somehow becoming softer and better washability. We are doing our part to make the world a more comfortable, livable, and inclusive place (

Also look out for “Earthleisure” – a term coined by Alternative. It means casual, comfortable clothing that you and the planet can be proud of.

Which products are you most excited about promoting in 2022? 

MB: There are so many good ones to choose from, but here is my list:

1. Alternative – Triblend Trifecta! Our new Modal Triblends are made from eco materials with responsible manufacturing (400HM).

2. Comfort Wash – Chalky brights and restorative pastels (CW100, CW200, CW400, CW450)

3. Champion – Anorak’s and Coaches Jackets (CO200, CO125, CO126)

4. Champion –  PowerBlend Fleece (S600, S700, S800)

5. Hanes – Your “Perfect” fleece, tees, and triblends (4980, 42TB, RS160, RS170)

One of your main initiatives is sustainability, walk me through what you’re doing to create a more eco-friendly industry.

MB: Did you know that the fashion industry is the 2nd highest polluter and 2nd highest water-user with an estimated 90% of textiles are sent to landfills?

Over the past few years sustainability has become a buzzword, but you have to look at what companies are doing as a whole to ask yourself, “Are they just jumping on the bandwagon or is what they are doing actually making a difference?”

Hanes is focusing on U.S. grown cotton, which we feel is the most sustainable in the market: 80% less water, 50% less land use, energy use, 44% insecticides, 40% reduction in greenhouse gases, 35% less soil erosion, and is USDA Approved because it is regulated as a food crop.

To learn more about what Brandwear United is doing to create a more sustainable planet, visit

Corporate Social Responsibility is a term that is becoming more popular in the promotional products industry, what does corporate social responsibility mean to you and why is it important? 

MB: Social responsibility has always been in our DNA and most people think that is being eco-friendly, but it’s also being ethical and for decades we have focused on 3 key initiatives: people, planet, and product.

-People: We have a zero-tolerance policy against child labor and wage violations.

-Planet: 70% of all our apparel is made in our company owned factories, which is unique in our industry. This allows us to closely regulate our emissions, water usage, and waste

-Product: Brandwear United is committed to using responsibly sourced materials.

So many companies claim transparency, but do they really mean it, can they prove it, and is what they are doing really making an impact? Visit our newly launched to view our transparency and goals to 2030.

Our industry has been through a challenging couple of years, in your opinion, what do you think 2022 holds for promotional product professionals? 

MB: Growth, not just in dollars, but in learning and adapting. Due to the on-going unpredictable recovery of COVID-19 at various degrees throughout the world and the challenges that it is imposing on labor, shortages in materials, and on-going logistics delays; the industry will continue to see shortages in inventories. It is imperative to pivot the way they buy and plan ahead to get ahead. This will in turn help us as manufacturers be able to plan better and normalize our inventories quicker.

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