What’s the Difference Between Online Stores vs. eCommerce?

By Aubrey Scharff on April 28, 2022


Let’s play a game…

Would you rather be average at everything or the best at one thing? Would you rather get something done right the first time or have to make multiple mistakes? Would you rather sell products using a one-size-fits-all approach or something tailored specifically for your customers? The answer to these questions may be obvious, but when it comes to deciphering the differences between online stores and eCommerce, it can be confusing.

To start things off, here is the most essential difference between the two: online stores are built for a specific purpose and a specific group. The keyword is specific

Online stores could be:

  • A company store that allows real estate agents to quickly purchase supplies in bulk like yard signs, keychains, large key cutouts, and business cards. 
  • A team store that offers school spirit wear for faculty, students, and parents including apparel, pom-poms, and temporary tattoos.
  • A fundraiser store that helps a local animal shelter collect funds by selling branded apparel online.

The possibilities are endless!

eCommerce, however, is a platform that retailers use to sell products to individuals with no relation to one another – think big names, like Amazon or eBay. While eCommerce is convenient for the everyday shopper, according to Oblero, only 1.94 percent of eCommerce website visits convert into a purchase. On the other hand, online stores on average have marginally higher sales than sales from a company’s eCommerce-enabled website, according to the Technology State of the Union, a detailed report packed with data-driven industry insights. This report surveyed more than 1,000 distributors, dealers, and decorators. 

In addition, online stores also offer a more personalized experience tailored for specific groups, compared to eCommerce websites, which provide a generic shopping experience with agnostic products. 

Here is a snapshot of the differences between the two platforms: 

Consumers expect a more customized shopping experience, and distributors, decorators, and dealers need a turn-key solution that allows them to provide different types of online stores to their customers that can be launched quickly and provide that unique experience consumers crave. Did you know – those who embrace online channels and use both eCommerce and online stores generate nearly 30% of sales through those channels? (Technology State of the Union report)

In addition, online stores can be fully customized to reflect and elevate a business’s branding. In fact, OMG online stores that use advanced branding features on their storefronts see 26% higher sales and 15% more orders than stores that do not use branding features. OMG online stores can be completely tailored with features like: 

  • Image Library: Access millions of stock images for stunning banners
  • Custom Domains: Customize the store URL to reflect your customer’s brand
  • White Label: Remove OMG branding from all of your online stores
  • Store Layouts [COMING SOON]: Adjust the store layout to guide the consumer experience

What makes OMG different from a generic eCommerce platform? We have a few reasons!

  • Create a store in 20 minutes or less, plus copy favorite stores with one click. 
  • Choose from 100K+ products from 250 top suppliers including product data and images, as well as Live Inventory feeds.
  • Edit orders after they’ve been placed and adjust multiple orders all at once.
  • Receive one-on-one onboarding and ongoing training and support.

We make it easy to create online stores your customers love so you can win new business, earn repeat sales, and stay competitive. From a basic t-shirt to a one-of-a-kind custom item to a cash donation option, you can offer anything on OMG online stores. Plus, with features like product bundles and categories, you can offer as many products as you’d like on your storefront. 

We offer a software solution that is easy to use for both sides of the business. Whether you’re the one setting up the store or doing the shopping, selling online is easier with OMG. 

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