15 Must-Read Articles for Distributors to Grow Sales

By Hayley Bell on 28 Jul 2020


The ability to think strategically and outside the box is more important now than ever. Luckily, the creativity of professionals in the promotional product industry well positions distributors and decorators to generate sales and grow, even during uncertain times. That is, if they take the right approach.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of must-read articles that answer questions many distributors find themselves asking about how to grow sales. Whether you’re interested in market trends, strategies to acquire new customers, technology, or a combination of the three, these articles provide insight to help you uncover opportunities to grow sales. 


Selling Promotional Products: Why ‘Know, Like and Trust’ Matters More Than Ever

People buy from companies they trust and it’s much more time- and cost-effective to work with existing customers than to find new ones. Consider the varying levels of trust your customers may have, and use the framework outlined in this article to progress your relationship with them.


Case Study: How to Power Retention With Promo Products

Now more than ever, companies and organizations need to boost morale. Promo products are the perfect way to engage employees – at home or in the office – in a way that helps them feel connected to their employer and colleagues. This case study provides six steps to help you create a game plan for powering retention and providing accounts with memorable experiences.


Post-COVID-19: What Role Will Promotional Products Play In Marketing?

The promotional products industry is highly resilient, and that’s not expected to change anytime soon. This creative industry has the power to adapt to shifting markets and deliver unique experiences and solutions for customers. This article takes a look at predictions that professionals in the promotional products industry can prepare for. 


7 Current Ways to Increase Your Sales…Without Selling Masks!

Face masks and other personal protective equipment (PPE) items top today’s list of in-demand products, but this isn’t the only trending product category. By taking a look at how everyday life has changed for your customers and end consumers, a plethora of popular product trends will stand out. This article presents new or different lifestyles or behaviors that are trending, with product recommendations sure to delight your customers.


Grow Your Sales by Focusing on Your Passions

Chances are, if you are trying to be everything to everyone, you might be missing out on opportunities for real growth. In this article, Brett Bowden recommends following your passions to create focus for your business, then carving out a niche where you can be the expert for a specific market. Doing so will cause your target market to gravitate towards you because of  your narrow focus and specialized knowledge around their specific needs.


Business Strategy Refresh: Work From Home Tool Kit

Henry Ford put it best when he said “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.” Now is a pivotal time to rethink the way you approach your business. In Part 1 of this two-part series, we pose questions to spark new ideas to refresh your strategy business. Part 2 of this Work From Home Tool Kit provides even more ideas to help you stay on track and discover new opportunities to grow sales.  


Explore Options for Future Growth

It’s easy to feel discouraged and lost with so many unknowns. Luckily, current opportunities can be seized and future opportunities can be prepared for with the right strategy. This article presents specific strategies and considerations you can explore today to set your business up for success, even among uncertainty.


Embracing Technological Change in the Promo Industry

Forward thinking businesses see technology as a way to drive meaningful growth rather than a hassle to deal with. As Sue Timbo of Hexa put it, “it’s a complete mind shift to look at technology from an opportunity perspective instead of a challenge perspective.” Going all in on technology – if done right – can provide significant  growth and provide scalability for your business. This article shows the different ways technology should (and should not) be implemented in your business.


5 Ways to Improve Team Communication and the Customer Experience

Unifying your Team to create positive customer experiences is essential to building repeat business and earning referral business. This article discusses the importance of team communication and provides five ways to improve internal communication and create scalable processes to support your business growth.


Top Promo Product Trends to Watch in 2020

Consumers want more and more from their products. Which trends should you keep an eye on this year? This article discusses how the top promotional products are flexible, offer a new type of luxury, provide contentment, and are focused on graphic design. 


Business Is Out There—If You Know Where To Look

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused some of the most dramatic changes communities have seen in our lifetimes. Figuring out how to approach the post-pandemic market can seem daunting and full of uncertainties, but it’s much more manageable than you might think. In this article, learn essential points that will help you discover business opportunities.


In Absence of Live Sports, E-Sports (and E-Sports Merchandise) Is Thriving

Online gaming has increased in popularity over the past few years, and with an indefinite pause on live sporting events, e-sports are gaining incredible traction. This article discusses how promotional products professionals who take the time to research and learn about the e-sports industry have an awesome opportunity to grow with the sport as it continues to take off. 


Eye On Apparel: Taking A Breather

The transition to remote work has been one of the most notable shifts caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The new work-from-home environment many employees find themselves in is also shifting expectations around employee dress codes. This has led to a “corporate meets casual” trend that emphasizes comfort without sacrificing professionalism for video conference meetings. Read this article to learn about this changing trend and discover products to meet the needs of your customers and accounts.


8 Unique Sectors to Service

High-growth markets can often fly under the radar if close attention isn’t being paid. Avoid leaving money on the table by considering the unique sectors outlined in this article, and take advantage of selling opportunities you may have. 


Three Proven Strategies to Attract Promo Sales Online!

A strong online presence is paramount to seeing growth in your business and clientele. However, the essential elements of social selling and word-of-mouth must continue without face-to-face interaction. In this article, learn three simple and effective ways to continue social selling and attract sales online by becoming your customers’ go-to source. 

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