4 Ways to Boost Sales with Year-Round Holiday Opportunities

By Hayley Bell on 1 Dec 2020


Year-end holidays are important opportunities for sales… but don’t forget about the 11 other months that deserve a little love. Here are 4 strategies to celebrate (while boosting sales) all year long! 


Recognize National or Global Holidays

Holidays take place year-round for all kinds of things, including food, activities, locations, favorite things, and more. Take advantage of supporting these holidays and day celebrations, and provide consumers the opportunity to share their enthusiasm for these festivities. Offer unique products and apparel related to the holiday, and be sure to include fun slogans or graphics.

Unique holidays include:

  • National Texas Day: February 1st
  • Pi Day: March 14th
  • National Scrabble Day: April 13th
  • National Waffle Day: August 24th
  • Video Games Day: September 12th
  • National Gymnastics Day: September 18th

See a larger list of holidays here.

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Support Causes

Many local, national, and international causes are honored throughout the year. These causes range from spreading awareness about environmental issues, educational gaps, minority needs, disease awareness, and more, encouraging personal connections while supporting needed causes. 

Select causes that are meaningful to you, your customers, or your community, and map out a campaign to raise funds and facilitate an opportunity for people to lend support. Here are a few Cause and Awareness opportunities throughout the year:

  • American Heart Month: February
  • International Women’s Day: March 8th
  • International Day of Happiness: March 20th
  • Earth Day: April 22nd
  • Foster Care Month: May
  • National Bike to Work Week: May 11-17
  • World Refugee Day: June 20th
  • Hunger Awareness Month: September
  • World Children’s Day: November 20th

See a larger list of holidays, causes, or awareness days here.

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Bolster Community 

Community-centric online stores have proven to be some of the most successful initiatives. Whether it’s a fundraising event or a local celebration, community members love banding together to make a difference. Bolstering this sense of community goes a long way, and it allows you the unique opportunity to focus on the people you are exceptionally capable of serving.  

Examples of bolstering community include:

  • Local fundraising events for schools
  • Pet adoption or shelter events
  • Local election candidates and races
  • Small business support
  • Individuals or family needing funds
  • Support centers for groups in need

See other examples of community-focused online stores. Check out the story of “Thank You First Responders”, Humboldt Strong, “We Are,” and “I Love Brian’s Steak House”.

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Celebrate Milestones

Accomplishing goals and meeting milestones can be a great way to celebrate throughout the year. Striving towards achieving a goal is hard work, and recognizing groups and individuals for their committed efforts goes a long way in supporting their success!

Here are examples of milestones that could be celebrated:

  • Local sports Team qualifying for, or playing in, a championship
  • New hires at a business or company
  • Volunteers making a difference
  • Corporate sales Team meeting a quota
  • Students graduating or completing a grade in school
  • Students completing a reading or science program
  • Charity workers serving a certain number of individuals

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How to Get Started

If your online holiday store is going to be a coordinated effort with a corporate account, community leader, or organization, there are going to be a few extra moving parts to keep on track. Here’s an outline of how to make it happen:

Plan: Research opportunities of interest – by you, your customers, or your community. Organize ideas, plans, and proposals to present, and outline how these initiatives could best be implemented. 

Connect: Reach out to customers, accounts, community leaders, and organizations. Propose your initiative and invite them to participate. Come with ideas, sample stores, and product examples to show the investment you have in supporting them.

Map: Outline what success looks like and organize the moving parts of hosting your initiatives. Include your main points of contact or the organization leaders in your plan and invite them to spread the word via social media, email campaigns, or other communication channels. 

Implement: Execute on your plan, run your online pop-up store, sell your products, and fulfill customer orders. Be sure to follow the plan you coordinated, and keep an eye out if the need to pivot arrives.

Review: How did the initiative go? What went well, and what presents an opportunity for growth in the future? Review the initiative with your point of contact and make plans for the next round.


OMG Features to Leverage

White Label: Create specifically branded online stores to meet the needs of your clients with the OMG White Label feature.

Packing Slips: Simplify the sorting and bagging process while including another awesome consumer touchpoint with OMG Packing Slips.

Fundraising Tracker: Activate the OMG Fundraising Tracker to maximize sales with powerful social proof.

Group Access Portal: Strengthen leader buy-in and help them self-service answers to their questions with the Group Access Portal.

Tiered Shipping: Implement tiered shipping to provide free shipping when a consumer’s cart reaches a certain amount.


Celebrating year-round is a great opportunity to bolster spirits and boost sales. What holiday stores will you run over the next few months? Tell us about them in the comment section below!

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