How the 5 R’s Apply to Online Stores

By Leslie Ayuko on 20 Aug 2019


Working with PPD-specific accounts, I am often asked, “How can I make this online store successful for my client’s order?” It shows me that those in the Promotional Products industry really seek for success and want to do right by the clients they serve. Luckily, making an online store order successful for a client follows a similar pattern to the success of promotional product marketing that you may already be familiar with.

In 2016, PPAI Exclusive Research revealed the powerful impact that promotional products have in brand awareness, and how vital this kind of marketing approach is in today’s society. They measured these findings against the 5 R’s of promotional products as follows:

Reach: Do promotional products elevate brand reach to deliver adequate exposure to recipients?

Recall: Do promotional products produce high brand recall to generate recipient awareness of the brand?

Resonance: Do promotional products enhance brand resonance to transfer a favorable attitude to recipients?

Reaction: Do promotional products stimulate reaction to influence change in recipient buying behavior?

Relativity: Do promotional products gain relativity against other advertising channels to satisfy recipients?

Allowing these measurements and questions to help guide business decisions can be important, but in a world that is growing increasingly online, it’s vital to consider how these might impact selling promotional products online as well.

This is why I created S.T.O.R.E. to similarly help us understand the effectiveness of putting these promotional products on custom web stores for clients to order. Each of these points is something vital about online store creation that I review with my accounts.

Scope: Is the store operational and appealing across generations?

It’s important to offer great products that are fun, functional, and trendy, but more importantly, products that resonate to a broad clientele

Talk: Is the online store being communicated effectively?

If a pop-up shop is created online and no one visits it, was it really created? Market the store to the group to make sure everyone knows how to order their awesome new swag on the group-specific store you built for them!

Options: Are unique logos and features offered?

Each individual and group wants to feel unique, and offering options, products, and logos that are specific to them helps to facilitate and grow the tribal unity they feel.

Reaction: Are the stores memorable?

Clients love to see their logo and products, but they get so excited when they see that they can order their stuff online on their personalized site! Delight your client by making this online store all about them.

Expand: Is the store set up to gain more business?

Offering pop-up shops to simply place group orders is a cutting-edge offering you have for your clients. Make sure your contact information is easily accessible- you never know who within a group is looking for a similar online store for another group they belong to!

Working in the Promotional Products industry, we have all seen the impact these products have on a market and on a client. Make that impact even more powerful by implementing the 5 R’s in a similar way to your online stores and watch the magic happen!


To take a look at PPAI’s Exclusive Research on the 5 R’s, click here.

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