How To Pitch Holiday Stores Your Customers Will Love

By Hayley Bell on 23 Sep 2020


The end of the year brings a level of excitement as people reflect on all of the new goals achieved during the year, anticipate what’s ahead, and celebrate the people around them. Why not help facilitate end-of-year celebrations for your accounts and customers by offering online holiday stores filled with specially-curated items?

Holiday Present


First Things First: Flipping the Mindset

Typically, holiday orders consist of a group leader selecting one (maybe two) items to be purchased in bulk. That single item is then distributed as a gift to each individual on their list, whether it’s employees, students, volunteers, or others.

Which is a great idea in some cases. 


But stop and think about it.


What makes the best kind of gift? Something that’s selected specifically for the recipient.

However, selecting an item for each individual is a big, time consuming ask. And despite hours of searching for an item that will fit the most people in a group, many come up short. There just isn’t a universal, one-size-fits-all product that meets everyone’s personal preference.

What happens if the pre-selected gift isn’t what someone might prefer? Will the item be kept or used?

What if the recipient wishes they would have received something different?

Would the recipient’s extended circle of family or friends also be interested in a custom or branded item? 

It’s possible the answers to these questions aren’t important to your customer. But it’s also possible they haven’t ever considered doing a holiday store before. Your consultative expertise can show there is an easier (and often better) alternative that leaves everyone satisfied.


This is why flipping the mindset is essential to holiday order success.


Here’s a few talking points to help get your customers on board with online holiday stores:

Instead of selecting and ordering one or two items in bulk, imagine offering a curated selection of 6 to 12 pre-approved items for individuals to choose from.

Instead of being stuck with the same gift as the person next to them, imagine providing a more interactive and engaging approach by giving individuals the autonomy to choose their own gift.

Instead of the organization paying per-person for a specific item, imagine putting that per-person dollar amount on a gift card and allowing the individual to use that same dollar amount to purchase what they want.

Instead of just purchasing the single item for the individual, imagine providing the individual with the opportunity to purchase additional items on their own dime, accessing sales that might not have otherwise been received.

Flipping the mindset of your customers turns “plain old orders” into exciting and engaging experiences for their entire Team, leading to exceptional customer experiences.

Giving Present


Holiday Store Ideas

Now that you’ve successfully convinced customers there’s a better, more innovative way to  approach holiday orders, here are three must-have holiday stores to host this season!


Virtual Holiday Party 

Businesses and organizations are approaching the holiday season with caution, and many are cancelling, postponing, or scaling back their holiday party plans. Consult with these groups to help them repurpose their holiday budgets with employee appreciation gifts using online stores. 

Offer OMG gift cards as “vouchers” for individuals to pick a gift on the company’s dime, while giving them the ability to purchase additional items for themselves or as gifts for loved ones with their credit card. Orders can even be shipped directly to employees.

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Virtual Fundraisers

The holiday season is often seen as a time of giving. Facilitate donations by incorporating fundraising components into your holiday store solution for schools, companies, and organizations interested in giving back or raising money for a cause. Take it a step further by partnering directly with organizations or nonprofits to run an entire “limited edition” or “holiday specific” fundraising store specific for them. 

Utilize key tools like social media sharing and the OMG Fundraising Tracker to maximize fundraising success.

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Spirit Wear Holiday Stores

Shower students with spirit wear items while offering family, friends, teachers, and staff the opportunity to purchase school pride items for loved ones for the holiday seasons. As a bonus, incorporate a fundraising component to benefit the school, or invite the school to use it as an opportunity to fundraise for a charitable cause in their community. 

Try using the OMG Fundraising Tracker feature to provide visual social proof of their progress in raising money for their school or cause.

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Don’t forget

Your expertise is essential to your customer’s experience – they trust you to help them choose popular products that will make an impact and send a positive message. Curate a selection of specific products that meet your customers needs and budget. A few trending products to consider including in your online stores:

  • Pet products: leash, food and water bowls, flashlight, logoed bandana

  • Kid items: games, fidget items, logoed apparel and onesies

  • Comfy leisure essentials: soft apparel, fleece sweatshirts, blankets, spa items

  • Technology accessories: blue light glasses, chargers, cases, ring lights

  • Cooking and kitchen products: cutting boards, coasters, cooking kits, utensils, aprons, coffee press and grinder

  • Luxury items: mantel clock, Bluetooth speaker, hand-crafted items

  • Travel essentials: Beach towels, backpacks, sunglasses, coolers, totes, battery port


Now that your holiday store is well underway, ensure you include these three sales strategies to capture available revenue in a shifting market.


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