Prepping Online Stores for success in the New Year

By Erika West on January 22, 2024


The New year is a time for goals, opportunities, and growth – and 2024 is here. You can get a headstart on your customers’ stores and step into 2024 feeling more prepared with all of OrderMyGear’s informational resources to help guide your online store journey. 


At OMG, the year round use cases our stores can provide are limitless. Plus, with some exciting new features released in 2023, effectively building and managing your stores is now easier than ever before. 

Top Use Cases for 2023

First, let’s check out some intriguing stats from the past year to discover the top use cases for OMG stores. Staying up to date on what’s trending is a valuable practice to ensure success in 2024 for any program, big or small. While there are endless use cases for our online stores, the top three of the year are:

  • Company Swag
      • Perfect for keeping employees motivated to meet their goals and show employee appreciation, this use case takes the first spot.
  • Spirit Wear
      • With no shortage of seasonal fun and important sporting events right around the corner, Spirit Wear stores are ideal to fulfill customer needs.
  • Employee Uniforms & Equipment 
    • For new hires, remote workers, or even just refreshing old work uniforms, opening a store for employees can help boost company morale. 


Of the top use cases, Company Swag and Employee Uniforms & Equipment showed substantial Year-over-Year growth from team dealers. The data also shows that there is more overlap on the use cases D3s are supporting for their customers. With these statistics in mind, let’s dive into how you can make 2024 your best year yet.

Online Store Use Cases - OMG

Supplier Templates 

With all the features released in the past year, Supplier Templates are one of the most favorable options to assist you in building stores efficiently. By using one of our pre-built templates, you can take on more business opportunities in the upcoming year. Supplier templates are trendy, time saving, and easy to use – but that’s not even the best part. 


These templates come already stocked with supplier recommended, high inventory products proven to sell. Quick, easy, and effective, you can launch a store and start selling in as little as  20 minutes, proving that Supplier Templates are a time saver AND money maker! 


Browse OMG Online Sample Stores built with templates for inspiration. 

Your Store Templates

If you’ve ever built an online store so perfect that you were tempted to use it over and over again, you can now do exactly that. With your Store Templates, turning your favorite frequently used stores into ready-to-use templates for your entire team is simple. A few benefits of using your pre-built store templates to prep for the upcoming year include:


  • Saving valuable time by quickly launching new stores, without starting from scratch
  • Ensuring consistency across stores, products, and pricing
  • Efficiently create a library of demo stores to win new business

Supplier Inventory Management 

Avoid overselling and order cancellations! By setting thresholds for products from integrated suppliers, you can strengthen customer relationships while simultaneously reducing backorders or refunds. Supplier Inventory Management can also help you:

  • Make smarter business decisions with reliable data from 40+ integrated suppliers
  • Strengthen customer relationships by reducing backorders and refund
  • Manage stores with ease with access to inventory health indicators, at-a-glance


Landing Pages

 Do you have multiple stores with a single school, business, or organization? Our new Landing Page feature allows you to create and manage custom landing pages within the OMG app, which brings these stores together under a single URL. Additionally, you can use landing pages to manage: 

  • Complete branding control over banners, logos, colors & links
  • Links to existing stores or external URLs
  • Providing a centralized hub for all of an organization’s stores

With 4 stores on average per organization, landing pages have been popular this year. And for good reason! Our data shows that landing page stores had 107% higher sales compared to non landing page stores. In addition, stores with landing pages have amassed an average volume of $5.8K since their release. If you ask us, that’s more than enough reason to check them out. Read our Help Center Article for more information on setting up landing pages.

The ease of managing multiple landing pages will undoubtedly help reduce the time you spend designing and launching your stores. In addition, we are eager to tell you about other features to run your store more efficiently in preparation for 2024. With Bulk actions, you’ll be able to reduce monotonous tasks by taking action on multiple products across the store. So instead of performing each action individually, take care of them all at once with just the click of a button. 


Our customer’s top 3 favorite Bulk Action Items are:

  1. Delete 
  2. Clone Stores 
  3. Bundle 


Running a well organized online store can make your job easier, but what attracts a customer to the store and keeps them coming back? Our numbers show that advanced branding efforts on your storefront can make an immense difference – see for yourself:

  • 15% more orders and 26% higher sales on stores using Advanced Branding Package
  • 173% higher sales on stores using Layout 3 vs. Standard Layout

Buy Now, Pay Later with Klarna

Offer your customers more flexible payment options. With the ability to pay over time, customers are more likely to place high value orders. Providing a safe and secure retail-like experience used by thousands of retailers, Klarna has shown:

  • A 47% increase in average order value vs. non-Klarna orders 
  • Boosted checkout conversion by offering flexibility to make payments over time 
  • Increased order value by making it easy for shoppers to buy higher value items

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