The Fundraiser Formula: A Tried-and-True Method for Maximizing Your Impact

By Hayley Bell on 2 Nov 2020


Fundraisers can be an impactful way to unite people around a cause and provide support when it’s needed most. From shelter events to school fundraisers to community rallies, we’ve seen a lot of successful online store fundraisers.

From each of our most successful fundraising online stores, we have gathered their go-to tips and tricks to create a Fundraising Formula to guide your fundraising efforts and maximize your impact.

Top Fundraising Groups

Fundraising opportunities are all around, and consumers love supporting causes. Here are a handful of the top fundraising causes:

  • Youth and Family: clubs and camps, sports groups, events, shelters, organization fundraisers
  • Animals: local shelters, endangered species protection groups, adoption events
  • Medical: research and awareness, health clinics, humanitarian efforts
  • Education: school programs, classroom supply drives, student clubs
  • Other causes: disaster relief, human rights, environmental causes, community efforts


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The Fundraiser Formula

Brainstorm with Partners

The most successful fundraisers often come about through collaboration, where a Team becomes invested in an idea together. Work with your client, industry partners, and other community members to brainstorm ideas.

Pro Tip: Creativity often comes around naturally when it’s not forced. Have a fun conversation to lighten the mood as you start to think of ideas.

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Tell the Story

Give community members an emotional connection and a reason to give by sharing a story that resonates. Be open about sharing why this cause is relevant and post information about it on the storefront.

Pro Tip: Providing pictures can be an impactful way to humanize your story and show who will be positively affected by the donations.

Keep it Simple

Once the fundraiser takes off, quick and straightforward fulfillment will be your most powerful ally. Stick with simple products, one- or two-color decoration, and a small selection of products to streamline the orders.

Pro Tip: Provide a cash donation option on your store so people can still donate to the cause if they don’t have an interest in purchasing items.

Cash Donation online store OMG

Be Transparent

Consumers are more likely to participate if they feel confident their purchase will make a difference. Make it clear on the store what the fundraising goal is, who it supports, and how much is donated with every purchase.

Pro Tip: Include approved logos, cause branding, and website links on the store page to strengthen the trust consumers have about your fundraising initiative.

Get the Word Out

Encourage your client or group leader to share the store via email, social media, and word of mouth. As the fundraiser gains more traction, reach out to local and industry media outlets to share the good news and invite others to participate.

Pro Tip: Think of creative social media contests or unique hashtags people can use to share the online store and reach more people.

Share the Impact

Once the store closes and orders have been fulfilled, share the story of the impact so consumers feel good about their participation. Encourage consumers to post about their purchase on social media.

Pro Tip: Invite your client to share the impact of the fundraiser on social media and tag other people and businesses who played a part.

Rinse & Repeat

Revisit your fundraising plan often and reach out to the organization to suggest running another campaign. Offer fresh ideas such as new products, marketing strategies, or causes to support.

Pro Tip: Review the initiative impact with your client to hone your group-specific strategy and plan for even more success the next time around.

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OMG Features to Leverage

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Find More Inspiration

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