Top 10 Ways To Sell More Online

By Meredith Foster on 24 Sep 2016


Looking to grow your sales and reach more customers? Here are our top ten recommendations for ensuring the success of your OrderMyGear store:

  1. Offer 15-20 products 
    We recommend putting at least 15 and no more than 20 products in a store. There’s a fine line between well stocked and overwhelming: find a happy medium with these numbers.

  2. Multiple color options 
    There’s a whole rainbow out there, so why not offer a few of those choices to your customers? Adding color options can make a significant difference in the outcome of your stores.

  3. Variety of garment styles 
    Traditional t-shirts are always a hit, but they aren’t the go-to garment for everyone! We suggest changing it up with products such as v-neck t-shirts, quarter zip pullovers, and tank tops.

  4. Add optional accessories 
    Adding spirit wear to an otherwise minimalist store of required items can be a game changer for sales. Give your customers a chance to show their spirit with ball caps, visors, stadium blankets, stadium chairs, backpacks, tote bags, etc.

  5. Offer youth and adult sizes 
    It might be a store for youth sports, but don’t forget about parents, siblings, and grandparents! Reach more customers by offering sizes Youth X-Small to Adult XXXL.

  6. Provide option to customize with player name, number, etc. 
    Parents love to cheer on their kids, and kids love having customized gear. Allow your customers to express themselves with names, player numbers, etc.

  7. Categorize into user-friendly sections 
    A well-organized store is a successful store! Labeling your products as “apparel”, “accessories”, “equipment”, etc. will eliminate confusion and bring in more orders.

  8. Keep the store open for 2 weeks 
    Stores open for about 2 weeks tend to have the best sales because it creates a sense of urgency. With a further out close date, customers are apt to forget about the store. Too short of a window leaves you with too few orders.

  9. Distribute the marketing flyer 
    Marketing is the absolute key to making or breaking a store. Download and distribute the marketing flyer to spread the word; encourage coaches and decision makers to post the flyer on social media.

  10. Communicate with customers 
    Use the “Communicate” tab to stay in touch with your customers. Loading in a roster of emails allows you to send automated reminders when a store has opened, is about to close, and is closing.

May the odds be ever in your favor!