Win Big this Sports Season with OMG Online Stores

By Aubrey Scharff on July 27th, 2022


The pre-game playlist is almost over. The fans are pouring into the stadium. It’s about to be game time. With fall sports about to start up, now is the time to prep for a successful sports season! With a coach like OMG, prepare to win big – on and off the field.

If you’ve played a sport before, you may be familiar with the phrase “Champions are made in the off-season,” and that remains true for businesses too. The more prepared you get now, the easier it will be to score this season. Your team can count on our online store experts because we’ve been in the game for over 14 years.

So, hold on to your stadium nachos, because you’re going to want to pay close attention to this all-star game plan.

First Quarter: First String Features

The ref just blew the whistle and the game has begun! Let’s start with laying the foundation (or turf) for what will set you up for a successful season. Hint: It’s all in the features! These tools are what can determine a winning season, and they are waiting to be utilized.  

Some of our powerful features that never fumble are:

  • Supplier Template Stores: Create stores even faster with pre-built Supplier Templates stocked with supplier-recommended, high inventory products. Now you can quickly launch new stores without starting from scratch and reduce out-of-stock or backorder scenarios. You can even customize each store with your customer’s branding!
  • Bulk Actions and Image Editor: Bulk Actions reduces monotonous tasks by allowing actions to be taken on multiple products across the store, including all-new bulk Custom Options. Image Editor simplifies the creation of branded product images on a store by adding artwork across multiple variants with a single click.
  • Live Inventory Feeds: Live Inventory feeds save you time by allowing you to see product inventory levels in real-time from top suppliers and brands. This helps you streamline product selection in a single step, reducing the time you spend on building stores.
  • Store Layouts: Select from multiple layout options. Adjust the store layout to highlight promotions, products, and categories. Store Layouts allow you to impress customers with the retail-like experiences they expect. They even boost sales by pointing customers to specific products, categories, and bundles. Win new business with one-stop shops or landing pages for larger organizations.
  • Product Bundles: Make it easy for athletes and fans to personalize and purchase gear with product bundles. Offering specially-curated product bundles at a slightly discounted rate (like team and spirit wear kits or new employee bundles) can be a win-win for you and your customers.

Second Quarter: Use Cases for the Win

Let’s put things into play. Curious how online stores could work for your business? An online store can be used for any of your endeavors – from little league to the pros, here are some popular use cases for you to consider: 

  • Team Uniforms & Equipment Store: Used to provide athletes and coaches with team gear, uniforms, & equipment
  • Spirit Wear Store: Used to sell merchandise to fans or members of a group, typically a school or team
  • Fundraising Store: Used to raise money for a group, like a school booster club

No matter what you’re selling, OMG makes it easier to get those products into the hands of fans, faculty, and athletes. Check out other use cases here

Third Quarter: Stats from Star Players

When the game is over, it’s all chalked up to the facts. Read on to review statistics that show what key players in the industry are doing. 

According to OMG data, the most popular sports for online stores are baseball, basketball, and football. These three sports combined have almost 40,000 stores already up and running! 

You also may be wondering what products do those teams add to their online stores? The answer is mostly t-shirts and hoodies, because who doesn’t love comfy practice wear or repping their favorite team in style? There are also tons of other products we’ve seen success with! It could be stadium cushions, water bottles, or even ballcaps embroidered with a beloved mascot.

Fourth Quarter: Trophy-Worthy Takeaways

There’s no need for a Hail Mary pass in the last quarter because you’ve been set up for success from the start! When the game ends and the stadium lights turn off, we want you to remember a few things:

  • Take advantage of our features. They’re there to help you be even more successful. After all, teamwork makes the dream work!
  • If you need a little more inspiration, refer to all the different use cases for online stores. The possibilities are endless!
  • Even though there’s tough competition out there, remember that other players’ stats do not diminish your wins. Keep pushing towards your goal and use these stats to help accelerate your business!

With a partner like us, you can tackle whatever comes your way! 

Good luck this season – Coach OMG

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