Work From Home Tool Kit: Part 2

By Hayley Bell on 30 Mar 2020


How does your workday look different compared to a few weeks ago? Whether it’s dogs barking during a call, sweats becoming your go-to work attire, creating new social media profiles to stay in touch, or being glued to your laptop more than ever before, work looks very different for a lot of us..

In Part 2 of our Work From Home series, we’re sharing a few more simple ideas to stay on track..


Prep for New Opportunities

Take some time to research new channels, organizations, and businesses to reach out to, now or later on in the year. Keep track of your findings in a spreadsheet, documenting things like name, contact information, potential needs, and possible solutions you could provide. Reach out or schedule emails a few weeks in advance.

  • What is a client type or industry I’ve been curious about servicing?
  • What are some sustainable ways I can seek out new opportunities, even when I get busy again?
  • How can I improve my pitch to prospective customers?

Brainstorm new marketing ideas to experiment with over the next few months. Consider creating a referral rewards program to encourage customers to send business your way, launch a social media campaign around a happy customer, or develop how-to guides and other helpful resources customers can refer to down the road.

  • If I were a customer, how could I be incentivized to refer my business to other organizations or friends?
  • Which customer(s) would be most willing to work with me on a campaign or provide a testimonial I can share? Is it realistic for me to make that human connection with them now?
  • What expertise do I have that could most benefit my customers? What is the best way for me to share that expertise?
  • What questions do I commonly get from customers or prospects? Is there anything people should consider when thinking about working on a new project with me?

Preparing for new opportunities can include reconnecting with old opportunities. Take this time to reach out to former clients or prospects to check in and see what kind of support you can offer during this difficult time.

  • What are services I offer now that I didn’t offer when we last spoke?
  • What new and modern ideas can I bring to the conversation that might peak their interest?
  • How can I support these individuals in their time of need?
  • What planning can we do now that will support us both later in the year?


Brush up on Best Practices

Revisiting the basics of selling, listening to clients, product research, and building online stores are a great refresher with long-term benefits.

How do the 5 R’s apply to my business?

  • What is something I do daily that could be done with more efficiency?
  • What videos, webinars, blog articles, or eBooks can I find that will help me learn ways to strategize my sales or improve my business process?

Thinking beyond your immediate role and industry can open up powerful learning opportunities for personal and professional development.Many organizations and colleges are offering free online courses, so take advantage of the opportunity to develop new skills!

  • What is something I have been curious about learning? What is a topic I was interested in as a child?
  • How can I implement things I learn from health-related classes to improve my well-being?
  • What kinds of courses can I take to become more familiar with technology?
  • Which certifications can I receive to boost my resume? How would I want to share those new certifications on LinkedIn and other professional networking?

As a bonus, here are a handful of companies offering free online courses that might be helpful for your business:


If you haven’t checked out Part 1 of our Work From Home Series, be sure to take a peek to brainstorm more ways to empower your business and strategize for success.



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