An Inside Look at the OMG Culture

By Gracie Belle Smith on 25 Mar 2020


See something, say something. This familiar national campaign encourages speaking up if you witness suspicious activity, but here at OrderMyGear, we use this phrase a little differently. We encourage our employees to speak up by using open communication to share their perspective and break workplace barriers by creating a culture-rich environment full of innovative, cutting edge and futuristic thinking individuals. OMG’s culture achieves this by encompassing these 7 characteristics…


Leigh Jazmine OMG Team

Our aim is to widen our scope to tackle challenges from every angle by means of inclusion and diversity. Driven to bring opportunity to every unique individual, OMG creates an environment that empowers employees to be authentic in their identity. With an ever-growing Team and client base, innovations and new ideas are crucial to both individual and client development. We value each individual and their distinctiveness in playing a powerful role when coming together to achieve our BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal). One Team! One Dream!



Charis Mitch OMG Team

Knowing work-life balance is a two-sided coin of achievement and enjoyment, OMG desires employees to have a healthy equilibrium between the two. Here we support OMG’ers by allowing each employee a day off to express their passion to serve the community. OMG strives to allow employees to both achieve and enjoy this integration through flexible hours, Give Back day, and PTO.



Hannah Alex Twinning OMG

Friendships built at OMG far exceed the four corners of the office building. OMG’ers enjoy time together outside of work playing volleyball at Sandbar, spending Happy Hour in Deep Ellum and enjoying laughter together at Dallas Comedy House. Seeking to find motivated, ambitious Team players, OMG has been able to build lasting relationships by concentrating on company engagement. OMG hosts frequent Team building events including Fair Day, Ranger Day, Office Olympics and ping-pong tournaments. This is a place where strangers become colleagues and colleagues become friends.



OMG Team Sales Halloween

Work hard, play harder! Individual commitment to a group effort is what brings Teams big wins. One way we spotlight this is by gathering together and awarding the Cadillac award to an employee who has shown an over-the-top work ethic. A couple of other ways OMG shows love are company-wide email blasts, shout outs on Slack, banging the sales gong, and Team HH. To show gratitude and appreciation of our employees, we enjoy the ride by celebrating together along our journey as a Team.



Dave Dutch, OMG’s CEO, has brought the Navy Blue Angel methodology of “fly your slot” to create a sense of self-ownership, as well as healthy cross-department collaboration. By having an open floor plan, project roadmaps, and glass doors in every meeting room, we are able to foster the spirit of openness. Bi-weekly sprint reviews and monthly All Hands meetings are two ways we gather our Team together to equip them for what’s coming ahead. Team collaboration is heavily encouraged company-wide because we know it plays a key role in company breakthroughs.



OMG equips our Team with the best tools possible to become successful and achieve our goals, not just as an OMG employee, but as an individual. OMG Summer Series (PPT, Word, Excel), Looker and Code My Gear are just a couple of training resources that have been made available. Through these training sessions, each employee is provided with the ability to “fly their slot” with all the tools they need.



OMG Team Engineering Event

We also believe in working in a space that’s as culture-rich as the Team itself. OMG’s office is located in a historic downtown Dallas neighborhood of East Quarter in a renovated building that was once the first- and largest- Cadillac dealership in Texas. With the insignia still embossed on the concrete floor by the front door, we hold true to values of growth, excellence, and Team. With an updated, raw technology vibe, the office boasts comfort and accessibility with a casual, sporty work environment featuring standing desks, open concept, Sonos-ready speakers, and creative outlets like a piano, shuffleboard, and a ping pong table.


Through inclusion, transparency and company engagement, we seek to build a community full of culture-rich individuals to lead the way in technology in the Team Dealer and PPD space.


“We invest in each other. We create solutions. We enjoy the Ride!”
– OMG’s Mantra


If you’re ready to be part of an unstoppable Team, then check out our Career page to see where you could fit in best!



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