Feature Release: Create Premium Experiences with White Labeling

By Hayley Bell on 16 Jun 2020


When it comes to creating a great customer experience, branding is everything. Providing your customers and end consumers with a seamless experience is a common goal for many dealers and distributors. 

With so many avenues for communication and interaction, it’s essential to maintain consistent branding. Doing so gives customers confidence about the services you provide, and ensures end consumers understand which business is providing the branded merchandise they love. 

Keeping an organization’s branding consistent across channels can feel like a massive undertaking. Between online stores, emails, marketing collateral, and social media, there are many touchpoints to consider – it can be challenging to keep up! However, building on-brand experiences is essential to creating a premium experience.

branding importance online stores

Research by LucidPress shows that 24.5% of companies state inconsistent branding creates market confusion, and 18.6% of companies indicate inconsistent branding damages their reputation or credibility. In other words, branding inconsistencies can create confusion for your customers and end consumers, which can negatively impact their overall experience with your business. 

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That’s why we’re excited to announce our new premium feature White Labeling, which allows you to remove OMG branding from storefronts and communication tools so you can create even more premium experiences for each of your customers.

The White Label feature allows you to provide an on-brand experience for customers and end consumers across all of your online stores. With OMG White Labeling, you have even more control to create fully-branded online stores that elevate the online buying experience. 



  • White Labeled Storefronts – Remove the “Powered by OrderMyGear” logo and OMG favicon from all of your online stores.

  • On-Brand Communication Tools – Remove the “Powered by OrderMyGear” logo from the Group Access Portal and marketing flyers. 

  • Branded Consumer Communication – Add your logo to consumer-facing emails and remove OMG verbiage from social media shares.




The White Label feature provides several benefits for your business, your customers, and the end consumer. The most obvious benefit? It gives you more advanced branding control to create customized online stores for each of your customers without making significant investments in developing a solution from scratch. The additional flexibility makes it easy to offer fully-branded online stores, giving your business an instant boost in credibility! 

This feature can also expand the scope of your services to attract new business or larger accounts with more detailed branding requirements. For example, companies interested in launching employee stores often need the online store to align with their corporate branding. White Labeling enables you to do exactly that! You can create the cohesive experience companies want while elevating your business’s market perception as a go-to for innovative solutions.


Cycling Branded OMG online store


The White Label feature also provides benefits to your customers and the end consumers shopping on OMG online stores. Whether you work with Teams, companies, organizations, or a combination, your customers get an online store that matches the look and feel of their own branding from start to finish, which helps protect the investment they’ve made in building their brand. You can provide products and online stores that match their branding guidelines, making you a one-stop-shop for all of your customers’ needs.

Finally, this feature ensures that end consumers receive a consistent and cohesive experience. White Labeling ensures that the online store, marketing flyers, and consumer emails seamlessly integrate with the visual identity of the branding the end consumer is familiar with, whether a Team or a company. 



Unified brand experience – Running your business with a variety of tools can lead to branding inconsistencies. White Labeling can strengthen your business’s brand by keeping the spotlight on your business, not OMG. This feature is especially impactful for dealers, distributors, or direct-to-consumer brands that have a strong brand name, sizable market awareness, and businesses looking to enhance their brand.

Increased market flexibility – Certain types of accounts – such as corporations, government agencies, non-profits, or collegiate organizations – often have specific branding requirements. They are particular about the businesses and platforms they will work with because they expect their online stores to have branding consistent with their guidelines. White Labeling gives you greater control of the online store branding so you can better meet the needs of accounts that have more comprehensive branding needs. 

Consistent and cohesive communication – Consistency is one of the simplest ways to build trust with customers and end consumers. White Labeling allows you to create more seamless interactions with your customers and end consumers. By removing OMG branding and verbiage from communication tools like the Group Access Portal and consumer-facing emails, you prevent potential confusion and keep the focus on your business and your customer.


Creating true-to-brand experiences for your customers and end consumers is all consistency. With the new OMG White Labeling feature, you can be confident that you’re providing a seamless experience for customers and end consumers. Check out our new White Label feature today and reach out to our Team if you have any questions!



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