Feature Update: I Got 99 Problems But Taxes Ain’t One

By Jared Shaffer on 11 Sep 2017


Today, we’re excited to launch better support for Canadian sales taxes.

Earlier this year we launched automatic sales tax calculations. However, it did not support PST exemptions, which quickly become a nightmare when selling youth clothing (especially when selling across multiple provinces).

As with any feature we build, we’re always working to make online stores a hassle-free growth engine for your business. We’re now excited to help you hate taxes a little less 🙂

You can mark items as “Youth Clothing”, which allows you to charge the correct sales tax rate, automatically. This eliminates human error when calculating tax rates — no need for workarounds or burying the tax amount into the price of products anymore. We’re giddy about the amount of time this will save you and your team, but more importantly, you can be more confident than ever with the accuracy of your sales tax collections.

Remember that you must enable “Calculate taxes automatically” on the store in order to use this feature, and you can enable it by default on all stores by visiting the Dealer Settings page.

If you’d like to learn more about how OrderMyGear helps grow your business while reducing hassle, don’t hesitate to reach out!


Q: Can I charge youth tax without turning on calculated taxes? 
No, the “Youth Clothing” tax category only works when calculated taxes are turned on. If you add manual tax rates (how you’ve been doing it) to your store and mark an item as “Youth Clothing”, it will still calculate the full tax amount.

Q: Will it calculate youth sales tax in provinces outside of my location? 
Yes! After updating your tax settings, calculated taxes will apply the correct amount of adult and youth tax in each province.

Q: Can I default this to be turned on for all stores? 
Absolutely, you can default to use calculated taxes by going to your Dealer Settings, Store Settings, then clicking on the “Checkout” tab.

Q: What happens if I have a customer with a billing address in the United States? 
Unless you have a sale nexus in their state, you will not collect tax for their order.