Feature Update: Work Orders

By Jared Shaffer on 23 May 2018


Online work orders are finally here! Save time and speed up your fulfillment process with our new Work Orders tool. 

Your store just closed, you received more orders than you could have hoped for, and the group was more than pleased. But now comes the fun part: decoration and fulfillment. Our new Work Orders tool makes this part of the job less taxing and more efficient than ever before. Handwritten work orders are a thing of the past and we’re excited to launch this brand new feature.

Key Features

  • Work Order PDF – Generate Work Orders into a single PDF document to share with your decorator

  • Summary Detail Page – Include a summary page at the beginning of your PDF to specify order requirements 

  • Artwork attachment – Attach DST, EPS, PNG, JPEG, AI, and PDF file types

  • DST File Previewer – Preview DST files to view stitch counts and sequence counts

  • Image Mock-ups – Automatically include product images in the Work Order PDF


Work Orders PDF

Work order forms often make the most sense to the person who wrote them. The new Work Orders tool allows you to create a report that clearly defines your decoration requirements and instructions in a way that makes sense to everyone. You can easily create work orders and assign them to each of the products in your store resulting in a well-organized PDF that displays the decoration and personalization instructions, product quantities, and product images.

workorderordermygearExample Work Order

 You no longer have to cross-reference multiple reports in OrderMyGear to figure out what needs to be decorated. Creating a Work Order with OMG reduces time and hassle significantly. This powerful and dynamic tool also helps you communicate with your decorator in a consistent format that they can understand.


As always, we love your feedback. Send any thoughts and ideas about Work Orders to product@ordermygear.com.

If you’d like to learn more about how OrderMyGear helps grow your business while reducing hassle, don’t hesitate to reach out!