With the release of Catalog Builder, we simplified the process of delivering a custom catalog of your products to coaches and decision makers. Catalogs are no longer a static collection of products printed once a year. Catalog Builder allows you to create and share a custom set of products that is tailored to your customer. Coaches and teams can even send purchase orders back to you through our bulk order tool. However, choosing products for an online group store still required a lot of back and forth between you and your customers.

Today we are excited to introduce Store Requestor, a new way to share a catalog.

Store Requestor enables a coach to select the products for their store directly from your catalog. They can browse through categories, choosing the right products in the colors they need. The coach can even add details about how they would like each product decorated and upload artwork. They will also provide additional information about the organization that will be needed to open a store quickly.

Once the coach completes their request, you’ll receive it in our new Inbound Store view. No longer will you have to create a store from scratch, typing in information about the store and searching for each product. For each requested store, you can review the selected products, view information about the organization, and download any artwork. Then with a single click, you can open an online group order store that is ready to accept orders.

We know that choosing the right products is one of the most import steps of creating a successful group order store. With Store Requestor, we are aiming to make this process easier for both you and your customers.

And this is just the start, we have many new improvements and features coming. Stay tuned and thanks for using OrderMyGear!