Over the last few years, OrderMyGear has transformed the way that dealers collect and market team apparel and equipment and greatly reduced the need for paper order forms to be distributed and collected.

With our latest project, our goal was to take another step of the process and make it easier. Our new feature, Catalogs, is a product grouping tool that we hope will save you lots of time in the future.

Here are some new features you’ll find within the Catalogs section of the software.

  • Access our library of vendor products and catalogs. We’re working directly with product manufacturers to collect and organize their product lines, including straight-from-the-source product images and options. Our vendors include Adidas, Holloway, Gildan, Russell, and many others.

  • Create your own custom collection of products. You have the ability to create your own catalogs (ex. Football 2015) with categories and subcategories that you use to store products from multiple sources.

  • You can even create your own products from scratch if we don’t have them in our vendor catalogs. The tool will let you update all your product images and then associate them with the sizes and colors they’re associated with.

  • Share a catalog with a coach’s email address to send them a direct link to the group of products you’d like them to see. They can then select products for a purchase order and submit it back to you.

You can use items from catalogs to easily add products to a store. Because these products were preconfigured with all available information, when you add them to a store, you’ll typically only need to edit the sizes and colors for that team and then place your logo (if needed). Just search for the catalog’s name in the Quick Find to get started!

We hope that you find that the new Catalogs tool saves you time and eliminates some of the manual work that you may be doing right now. As always, please reach out to us with any feedback!