New Features + Product Updates: 2022 Q1 Recap

By Hayley Bell on April 13, 2022


The past few months have been a whirlwind! Partly because there is so much exciting stuff going on in our industry, and partly because our OMG Teams have been hard at work with incredible new features. 

We want to make sure you know all the OMG features available to you so you can be confident using the platform for your business and your customers. Here are a few key features that have been released recently we want to make sure you know about! 

Redesigned Storefronts

eCommerce sales skyrocketed to an impressive 10 years’ growth in just 3 months in 2020, as reported by McKinsey. In a market where online stores are key to business growth and success, OMG is the trusted partner for distributors, decorators, and dealers.

Elevated with a sleek, retail-like look, OMG’s online stores are packed with new features that help you provide the elevated experience consumers expect when shopping online.

  • Simplify navigation and make it easy for customers to find products they love using categories & subcategories, breadcrumbs, and recommended products
  • Create branded experiences with custom banners, Custom Domains, White Label, and our new Image Library
  • Drive profits and revenue with product bundles, minimum quantities, mobile optimization, and more control over store deadlines

OMG is your key to unlocking new opportunities for growth. Learn more about Redesigned Storefronts on our OMG Blog or reach out to an OMG’er

Advanced Branding

The right branding elevates the consumer buying experience, giving you the opportunity to build trust and strengthen loyalty. In fact, 53% of online shoppers believe that retailers who personalize the online shopping experience provide a valuable service, according to Invesp

OMG online stores also make it easy for you to deliver an on-brand experience for any client. The Advanced Branding package takes your OMG stores to the next level:

  • Customize the store URL to reflect your customer’s brand with Custom Domains
  • Create premium experiences by removing OMG branding from your online stores with White Label
  • Incentivize customers to place larger or bulk orders
  • Diversify how you price and sell products, helping you win new business
  • Simplify how you offer quantity discounts without coupons or workarounds                   

Access millions of high-quality stock images for stunning banners with the Image Library    

Whether you work with companies, organizations, teams, or other groups, it’s important that their online store matches the look and feel of their own branding from start to finish. Learn more about OMG’s Advanced Branding package features like White Label, Custom Domains, and the Image Library, or reach out to an OMG’er.

Volume Pricing

Inmar Intelligence reports that 35% of consumers admitted to purchasing a higher quantity of product than they otherwise would have due to a discounted price. In the world of online stores, seizing sales opportunities is essential, and Volume Pricing is a strategic way to get there.

Volume Pricing can have a number of benefits on your business, customers, and sales, including:

  • Incentivize customers to place larger or bulk orders
  • Diversify how you price and sell products, helping you win new business
  • Simplify how you offer quantity discounts without coupons or workarounds

Volume Pricing is a win-win for our clients and their customers. You win with higher sales and achieved product minimums, and your customer wins by being able to purchase more products with volume discounts. Learn more about Volume Pricing on our OMG Blog or reach out to an OMG’er

Orders API allows you to build your own integrations that utilize data from orders placed on OMG stores in third-party tools such as shop management, ERP, and order management systems. OMG’s Orders API means you can experience:

  • Improved efficiency for processing and fulfilling orders
  • Saved time typically spent manually keying in order data
  • Increased accuracy of order data by eliminating room for error

See OMG’s complete list of integrations or reach out to an OMG’er.

Live Inventory Feeds & Product Data 

When done correctly, effectively monitoring inventory levels will help boost revenue and control costs while fulfilling customer needs. OMG Live Inventory feeds are directly integrated with brands and suppliers, providing the most accurate, up-to-date information on product levels within the OMG platform. 

The most impactful benefits of Live Inventory feeds include:

  • Eliminating steps in the store building process
  • Accessing inventory levels to help with product selection
  • Catching errors before they happen
  • Preventing backorders and out-of-stock scenarios
  • Ensuring positive customer experiences

OMG’s integration with PromoStandards further improves access to product data and inventory through data standardization. Having standardized product data for leading suppliers including Gemline and Hit Promo means clients can streamline the product selection process and sell with more confidence.  

In the first quarter of 2022, OMG created Live Inventory feeds for Staton Corporate & Casual, IMAGEN Brands, Primeline, Visions Awards, and Peerless. 

Product data for over 16 brands including Otto Cap, HPG, Primeline, J. Charles, Evans, and Fossa Apparel have been pre-loaded in OMG’s Verified Products Library, which has preloaded product data and images so you can add them to your store in a snap! 

See the complete list of OMG Live Inventory Brands, learn more on the OMG Blog, or reach out to an OMG’er.

We have big plans for Q2, so be sure to keep an eye out for new product releases coming your way!

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