New Payment Features

By Daniel Hodges on 23 Feb 2016


We know how important it is for you have an accurate view of all payments you make through our platform. For that reason, our team built a new billing settings page that gives you a detailed payment history. Each item in your history provides a description of the charge and any refunds that were applied. We also provide some helpful links back to the source of the charge.

For invoice payments, you’ll find a link to the actual invoice, which provides a detailed breakdown of the charges for the billing period. For chargeback payments, you’ll find a link to the sale as well as the order that resulted in a chargeback. Our hope is that with this additional information you will be able to resolve chargebacks much faster so that we can refund your account.

We also wanted to give you the ability to adjust your primary payment method whenever needed. Along with the payment history, we’ve provided a tool that will help you make changes to add or remove payment methods and select your default payment method. To add a new payment method, simply click the Add button in the upper right corner and select the payment type you would like to add (Bank account or Credit card). Supply all of the necessary details and save to add it.

Once you have added multiple payment methods to your account, you can use the “Make Default” button to select which one will be used for future payments. You can also remove any payment methods that are not your default payment method.

Finally, we added some helpful retry links to our invoice listing page that will allow you to retry an outstanding payment after you have added a new payment method. We hope that these enhancements will help you spend less time doing busy work, and spend more time selling gear!