[OMG Product Team] Q2 2022 Features Recap

By Lauren Zimmermann on July 25th, 2022


As we enter into the third quarter of the year – clients are full steam ahead planning for back-to-school, fall sports, the holidays, and everything else the rest of the year has to offer. 

With so much going on, it can be a whirlwind trying to keep up with the latest features on the OMG platform and how to use them to your full advantage. To make it easier for you, we’ve boiled down our latest feature releases and updates into a single post.

The name of the game this past quarter? Build more reliable stores, faster.

That’s right. Every feature released in Q2 was tailor-made to help you build sleeker, more reliable online stores in a shorter amount of time. Because how else are you going to sell more products, service more customers, and make more moolah?

Keep reading for the full rundown of all the new, powerful features made available to you over the past quarter and how they can directly help you, your business, and your customers:

Store Layouts

A study shows that 75% of consumers admit to making judgments about a business’s credibility simply based on the layout and design of its website. That’s a lot of potential to make a good first impression (or a bad first impression) based on the level of your online branding efforts.

Store Layouts allows users to select from three unique layout options, each containing powerful branding and revenue-driving elements that help you:

  • Create custom, retail-like experiences without the technical expertise
  • Drive sales by promoting different products, bundles, and categories
  • Increase branding flexibility, like the option to create landing pages

Did you know? OMG clients see 26% higher sales and 15% more orders when using the Advanced Branding package, compared to not using the package on their storefronts. 

To learn more about Store Layouts, check out our latest Store Layouts Blog, visit our Store Layouts Help Center Article, or reach out to an OMGer to subscribe to the Advanced Branding package today.


Store Templates

It’s no surprise that inventory and supply chain issues continue to be a challenge for promotional product distributors, apparel decorators, and team dealers throughout 2022. While everyone handles inventory availability differently, Store Templates can help you navigate those pesky inventory issues smarter and more effectively. 

Store Templates introduces:

1) Supplier Templates: Pre-built template stores stocked with supplier-recommended, high inventory products that allow you to build stores with more confidence.

  • Reduce out-of-stock and backorder scenarios
  • Quickly launch new stores without starting from scratch
  • Customize each store with your customers branding

Choose store templates from suppliers like SanMar, Under Armour, Founder Sport Group, Gill Athletics, Champro, Pennant Sportswear, Augusta Sportswear Brands, alphabroder, and more. Plus, we’ll continue to add more top suppliers and brands to this list!

2) Your Templates: Turn popular stores into ready-to-use templates for your entire team. Create, edit, and archive store templates from your template library, saving valuable time in the store building process.

  • Quickly launch new stores without starting from scratch
  • Ensure consistency across stores, products, and pricing
  • Create a library of demo stores to win new business

Bulk Actions

Looking to cut down on the time it takes to add and create products on your storefront? Bulk Actions lets you quickly edit multiple products across a store at one time, including options like updating the price, marking products as unavailable, adding custom options, and much more.

  • Save time by making edits to multiple products at once
  • Easily set personalization options on products within a store
  • Reduce monotonous tasks during the store building process

Image Editor

The updated Image Editor allows you to quickly create product mockups by applying artwork across product variants at the same time. You can also access recently-used artwork within a store to quickly brand products.  

  • Build stores faster and with less work
  • Create high-quality mockups in a few clicks – no design experience required
  • Show customers exactly what their products will look like

PrintFlo Integration

The new OMG x PrintFlo integration introduces a quick and effortless way to export OMG order reports into Printavo invoices. The top benefits of using PrintFLo include:

  • Helps eliminate manual work
  • Reduces costly errors
  • Saves you valuable time

Check out our OMG x PrintFlo Landing Page to learn more about this integration and how to get started.

Product Data & Live Inventory Feeds

When done correctly, monitoring inventory levels can help boost revenue and control costs while fulfilling customer needs. OMG Live Inventory feeds are directly integrated with brands and suppliers, providing the most accurate, up-to-date information on product levels within the OMG platform. 

  • Eliminate steps in the store building process
  • Prevent backorders and out-of-stock scenarios
  • Ensure positive customer experiences

In Q2, OMG added product data and Live Inventory feeds for brands like Starline, SanMar, Innovation Line, AAA Innovations, and added product data for Corium, Gordon Sinclair, and AAkron Line – so you can add products to your store in a snap! 

See the complete list of OMG Live Inventory Brands, learn more on the OMG Blog, or reach out to an OMG’er.

While the second half of the year is well under way, there are still many more feature releases and exciting announcements coming your way. Stay tuned for the latest OMG updates!

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