[OMG Update] Elevate Your Customer’s Branding with Store Layouts

By Lauren Zimmermann on June 29th, 2022


When you hear the word ‘branding’ – what comes to mind? Maybe a logo, a color, or even a catchy slogan?

But have you ever thought about branding as the driving force behind increasing sales, winning new business, or maybe even the reason a customer shops at your business instead of a competitor?

A study shows that 75% of consumers admit to making judgments about a business’s credibility simply based on the layout and design of its website. That’s a lot of potential to make a good first impression, or a bad first impression, based on the level of your online branding efforts.

Simply put, a professional, fully-branded online store is key to making a positive first impressionleaving customers coming back to shop again and again. Now, let’s take a look at which branding options can be best for your business.

Branding is not a one-size-fits-all approach.

Branding can mean different things, depending on the goals of your business. Whether you’re trying to appeal to larger organizations, dip your toe into new industries, or simply need a one-stop shop to service multiple groups, Store Layouts provide a variety of options to choose from, no matter what the customer type or size.

Here are a few examples:

Layout 1

Provides a more product-centric online store experience. Layout 1 displays all products within each category on the storefront, while introducing modern branding features like image blocks and a store information bar.

Use Case: 

Layout 2

Take your branding game up a notch with this revenue-driving layout. Including all of the features introduced in Layout 1, plus some, Layout 2 drives shoppers to specific products, bundles, and categories with features like call-to-action buttons and a featured products section.

Use Case: 

Layout 3

Need a one-stop-shop? Layout 3 can be used as a landing page to service multiple groups or organizations. This layout focuses on guiding consumers to specific categories, allowing them to preview your brand before diving into a selection of products.

Use Case: 

  • [Sample Store] Team Uniforms & Equipment – A school needs a dedicated landing page to offer uniforms and equipment to the baseball, softball, and basketball teams, in addition to providing spirit wear to students, fans, and faculty.

Need some inspo on how to expand into new markets? Here are a few other popular use cases to spark ideas for your customers!

Online Store Use Cases - OMG

Take your store from bland to branded. 

Whether you’re a promotional products distributor, apparel decorator, or team dealer – these powerful layouts and branding features can have a number of benefits for your business and customers. Store Layouts allow you to:

  1. Impress customers with the modern, retail-like experiences they expect.
  2. Boost sales by pointing customers to specific products, categories, and bundles.
  3. Win new business with one-stop shops or landing pages for larger organizations.

Additional branding features for your toolbox

On top of Store Layouts, there are several other branding elements that make up a slick, fully-branded online store. Here are a few best practices to get you there:

  • White Label: Remove OMG branding from the storefront for a cohesive brand experience from first click to checkout.
  • Custom Domains: Use a custom URL that reflects your customer’s brand for a more personalized experience. 
  • Image Library: Pick from millions of high-quality stock images directly in the OMG app for stunning imagery on the storefront.

Ready to put your branding chops to the test? Check out our latest Store Layouts Help Center article for more information.

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