OMGers Favorite Features

By Aubrey Scharff on June 22nd, 2022


The people have spoken! 

We sought to learn what OMGers really think about our online store platform. We reached out to team members from different departments and got the inside scoop on some of their favorite features. 

From Store Layouts to Custom Domains, these OMGers share why they love a specific feature the most. Here’s a peek from behind the scenes at OMG!

Meet Dino, a Test Engineer at OMG. In his role, he finds himself wearing multiple hats. Whether it’s having conversations around business priorities, or getting deep down into the weeds with engineers, a Tester’s primary focus is to ensure QUALITY is baked-in throughout the entire Software Development Life Cycle.

Fun-fact: He used to own and operate a food truck in Houston!

What is your favorite feature OrderMyGear offers?

Dino: Custom Domains!

Why is that your favorite feature?

Dino: It allows our clients to add an extra level of custom branding that enforces trust and validity for their end-users.

Is there anything you wish people knew about OMG?

Dino: I wish folks outside of OMG knew how much fun our work culture is: EPIC company-wide events and the continued growth/maturity of our engineering department! #omgtech

Say “hi” to Ursula, a Store Creation Specialist at OMG. As a Store Creation Specialist, she plays an intricate role in the day-to-day success of the team, helping to create customized, high-quality stores within our platform based on client requests.

Fun fact: She can juggle!

What is your favorite feature OrderMyGear offers?

Ursula: Store Layouts/Designs

Why is that your favorite feature?

Ursula: The Store Layout design is the first thing a customer looks at when they go to their school spirit wear site or their company swag store. Just simply adding a banner or having their primary/secondary colors match their site changes everything. Those small details of design add onto a customers’ experience. It pulls them in a little more and gives them more of a personal feel.

Is there anything else you wish people knew about OMG?

Ursula: OrderMyGear is the best. Not only because we have the best platform, but because everyone behind the scenes at OrderMyGear is passionate about this platform. It is the best, because of every single individual who works there. It’s not just one person, it takes a village, and I’m proud to be a part of this village. 

Meet Audrey an Account Manager at OMG. Her role is to help our accounts grow strategically. Whether it’s providing reporting, discussing feature requests, or doing business reviews, we try to provide them with all the tools OMG has to offer to help them be successful!

Fun Fact: she has Elton John, Michael Jackson, and The Rock’s autographs

What is your favorite feature OrderMyGear offers?

Audrey: I know this may seem like such a simple and obvious feature but my favorite feature is our ability to copy stores! 

Why is that your favorite feature?

Audrey: This is my favorite feature because it is always something our customers need but some aren’t even utilizing! It always surprises me how many of our accounts don’t know about it and then seeing how excited they are when they learn what a time saver it is. I also love this feature because it isn’t something many of our competitors offer.

Is there anything else you wish people knew about OMG?

Audrey: I wish people knew that we really view all our accounts as a partnership. We are here to provide resources to help your company grow and fully utilize the platform to its full potential.

Last, but certainly not least – this is Lauren, OMG’s Product Marketing Manager. She likes to think of her role as a translator between what our team is building and why it’s valuable to our clients and their business. Plus, she gets to work with most of the teams at OMG!

Fun Fact: She was in a ‘got milk?’ ad back in the day – milk mustache and all.

What is your favorite feature OrderMyGear offers?

Lauren: Upcoming Store Templates  – they’re not released yet, but they’re mighty!

Why is that your favorite feature?

Lauren: Anything that cuts down on the amount of time to build a store is a win in my book⁠ – and Store Templates does just that. Just pick from one of our top suppliers (or create your own) and voila! You have a pre-built template store stocked with supplier-recommended, high inventory products to help with those pesky inventory issues.

Is there anything you wish people knew about OMG?

Lauren: OMG’er flag pictures. Each year, every OMG’er takes a picture with an OMG flag in one of their favorite places or cities. My last one was taken in the Blue Ridge Mountains, but my favorite one I’ve seen was in front of the Pyramids in Egypt!

Wish to learn about other OMG features and how the platform can help your business grow? Schedule a quick one-on-one demo with an OMGer today!

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