Security in eCommerce: Outdated Security Doesn’t Cut It Anymore

By Hayley Bell on 15 Oct 2019


What kinds of precautions do you take to protect your office or home? When thinking of the security of your business, the same kind of care (if not, more) should be taken for the online portion of your work. This is why OrderMyGear takes such care and time in not only creating an eCommerce platform that simplifies the day-to-day work of decorators, dealers, and distributors, but also ensures that every aspect of your eCommerce platform is secure, reliable, and scalable.

How OrderMyGear Views Security

OrderMyGear recognizes the importance of keeping sites safe and secure among growing cyber threat in an increasingly technology-based world. This is why our engineers have built this eCommerce platform around the following three criteria:

  • Secure: defending digital information against internal and external threats
  • Reliable: consistently performing according to specifications which keep stores up, and the platform available
  • Scalable: keeps up with increased demand and continued growth on the platform

Let Us Take This On

While you are at work with all facets of running your business, the last thing you should need to worry about is learning code and IT practices to protect yourself against cyber threats. That is why OrderMyGear has hired some of the industry’s top engineering talent to build and protect the platform. While you are at work all day fulfilling orders for your customers, OrderMyGear has a quarter of their workforce dedicated directly to technology creation and security.

In addition, OrderMyGear leverages one of the world’s leading cloud computing platforms to run and secure our software- the Google Cloud Platform. That means that our customers and their end-users are benefitting from all the security and reliability Google has to offer. And even better, that benefit is humming in the background- always protecting your data, ensuring system reliability, and allowing continued growth without you even having to think about it.

Taking your Trust Seriously

OrderMyGear understands the importance of relationships in our industry. Knowing that our customers trust us with not only their information, but also the information of their clients and end-users, we are serious about being protective, honest, and secure with that data. With OrderMyGear, the data and payments we collect are never shared with third parties.

Nearly two million users trust OrderMyGear with their orders and online transactions every month, and we experience a 99.99% uptime (aiming for rule of five-nines). OrderMyGear has partnered with Stripe, an industry leader in credit card processing, as well as Google Cloud Platform, an industry leader in cloud computing.

Finding the Safest Platform For Your Business

When looking into online store platforms to host your business eCommerce solutions, here is a suggested checklist of must-haves to help ensure you have the protection you and your clients need.

  1. Privacy Policy: Is your data and your customer’s data going to be kept secure?
  2. Up-time: What kind of uptime does this platform have?
  3. Avoiding Crashes: Is this platform built to handle increased growth?
  4. Hosting: Is this platform using top industry standards in hosting your data?
  5. Trust: Do you trust that this platform and all employees within the company are working honestly with you?


About OrderMyGear

OrderMyGear is an e-commerce platform delivering clients the ability to create unique online stores with personalized apparel and gear for corporations, teams, and schools. Our solutions give businesses the advantage of cutting-edge technology to efficiently sell customized merchandise online. Through our integrations and partnerships with all major sporting brands and apparel designers, along with our custom website builder, we simplify the collection, customization, and distribution of products to the end consumer.

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