OrderMyGear Unveils Live Inventory Feed from Top Brands

By Hayley Bell on 22 Nov 2019


OrderMyGear, the leading eCommerce platform in the team dealer and promotional products industries, today announced the launch of the industry’s most comprehensive Live Inventory feed built from partnerships with the biggest brands in the space.

Businesses who use OrderMyGear for their group online stores now have the ability to see direct inventory feeds from brands like Under Armour, adidas, Augusta Sportswear Brands, SanMar, and Founder Sport Group, simplifying their store building process, allowing them to fill stores with healthy-inventory products and proactively replace low-inventory products.

OrderMyGear expects the Live Inventory feed to increase the volume of product sold through the platform while reducing the amount of backorder problems that occur in the ordering and fulfillment process.

“We’ve had an overwhelming demand for a sophisticated version of Live Inventory and we are excited to launch this feature for our clients,” said Dustin Downing, Vice President of Product & Marketing at OrderMyGear. “Giving dealers a window to see product inventory information straight from their preferred brands during the store building process further simplifies the use of technology as they serve the end-user and saves time in the store building process. This is just one step of many we are taking to further innovate and modernize not only the OrderMyGear platform, but the entire industry.”


For more information, visit the OrderMyGear Live Inventory page



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