Payment Processing Upgrade

By James Skidmore on 26 May 2015


We’re excited to announce several improvements to our payment processing & accounting tools, designed to make the financial aspect of your team stores even easier.


Get your money sooner. Your weekly or daily deposits will now include funds from all stores, not just closed stores.

Beautiful new reports. We’re launching an easier and more detailed deposit statement, a brand new store report, and an improved transaction report that has a CSV export to help with reconciliation.


The payment processing industry is very big and very complex. With OMG! Payments, we make it simple. No merchant accounts, no gateways, no lengthy applications.

When you sign up with OrderMyGear, you can begin processing credit cards instantly. Funds are automatically deposited into your bank account weekly. We withhold our fees from your deposits, and provide you with a clear breakdown. It’s that easy!


Besides the fact that we eliminate the need for merchant accounts, gateways, and long setup applications, we can provide incredible functionality because we are deeply embedded in the flow of funds.

A typical credit card processor will provide you with a deposit statement showing each customer transaction. We take this one step further. Instead of a basic deposit statement, we show you specifically which team stores received funds, and how every penny stacks up to equal the deposit total (product prices, taxes, fees, etc.).

Our suite of financial reports satisfy the needs of everyone from the mom-and-pop shop to the large national retailer.


OrderMyGear partners with leaders in the payment processing industry to maintain robust security measures to protect you and your customers’ sensitive data.

This sensitive data, such as credit card numbers, is protected with bank-grade encryption. In fact, credit card data completely bypasses OrderMyGear’s servers, and it is directly transmitted to our upstream processing entities.

What does this mean for you? You don’t ever touch sensitive card information, and you can rest assured that your customers’ data is safe with top-notch PCI-compliant security.