Service & Success- The Heart and Soul of OrderMyGear

By Dave Hanson on 16 Apr 2015


The OrderMyGear Team

Most well run businesses know that cultivating customer relationships is vital to their success. Yet, beyond the cliché montra that “the customer is always right”, few organizations really understand how to make the most of those relationships.

That is certainly something that sets OrderMyGear apart from most software companies. Sure, we have an amazing product — just ask our sales team. Most of their demos have this “ah-ha” moment when it clicks for the dealer that we are more than just another online shopping cart.

It makes sense that we care so much about our clients being successful on our system. We don’t charge any monthly fees. If our clients don’t make money, we don’t either. In fact, we invest so much time and resources into each new dealer we sign up, we usually don’t break even until at least $50,000 of merchandise has been sold through OrderMyGear stores.

So how do we ensure our customers succeed online? It all starts with a group we call the Dealer Success team. Their sole job is to help our clients grow their business. How? That’s our secret sauce and the reason we’ve seen our clients typically boost their team revenue by 30% or more after coming on board with us.

The other thing we do is offer our dealers access to our outstanding full-service team. If you’re too busy to build a store or simply like the convienence of never even touching our software, OrderMyGear Service is an on-demand team of store building professionals that can make your life easy for as little as $25 per store. Again, we just try to break even on our costs here because we understand that selling gear is way more important than paying more fees.

We truly are a strategic partner that wears a lot of hats for our clients — all with the intent of helping them sell more gear.