Summer Feature Recap

By John Hertenberger on 18 Aug 2015


The OrderMyGear development team has been busy this summer creating brand new features and making some old ones even better. Here’s what we’ve been up to!

  • We’ve introduced our Image Editor! This new tool is available on any product image and can be accessed by clicking on the pencil icon when you hover over the thumbnail. This will open up a full image canvas that gives you the option to upload logos and text on top of your image. You can resize, rotate, and even change the color of the logo or text! We’ve also added the ability to copy and paste a logo or text layer from one image to the next so that you can prepare your product images in no time. See it in action today and let us know what you think.

  • Our new Customers tool is located within the Communicate section of each store’s menu. This page lets you input email address of players, parents, and others that you’d like to market the store to. You can use the settings on this page to automatically email existing or potential customers (1) when the store opens, (2) when it’s about to close, and (3) when it’s closed. This page also shows you which of your customers have placed orders already and let’s you send additional messages to subsets of people. It’s all meant to help you better market your store throughout its entire workflow.

  • New shipping methods are available for each of your stores. Easily create multiple shipping choices to give your customers. For example, you can now offer a free “pick up at school” option for the player, but also offer them a ship-to-home option based on tiers that you define. Those tiers can be based on a flat fee PLUS a percentage rate of the cart total. We’ve had lots of requests for this feature, so hope that you like it!

  • Now you can create percentage off coupons. This was another of our biggest feature requests, and not it’s now possible! Easily create coupons for your customers that give them either a flat discount, or one based on a percentage.

  • We now automatically display size charts in our storefronts for many manufacturers. You don’t have to do anything. If you notice that they’re not appearing for a product that you use often, shoot us a note and we’ll make sure we do our best to add it!