The New Team””

By Britney Mueller on 28 Aug 2015


For years, we’ve received requests from Team Moms, Athletic Directors, Coaches, Booster Club Presidents and more asking to help create online team stores. To this point, we’ve been successful in pairing them with one of our dealers, but we feel we can do much more and got to thinking…

“What if we can play a larger role than just sending a lead to our customers?”

“What if OrderMyGear team did all the up-front work, cultivated relationships with the Team Mom, ran the store, took care of communication to the players, collected all orders and data, then provided our dealers with all of this information, packaged and ready to be fulfilled!?”

Well, that’s exactly what we’ve done and where I come in!

I joined OrderMyGear to fulfill this very need and launch the OrderMyGear Team. I’m thrilled to work directly with the Team Mom and Coach to consult, create, launch and manage online stores. It’s a win-win to then turn that order around and drive new business to our current and future Dealers! We’ve hit the ground running with this model and it’s quickly proven itself to be a huge success!

We’re excited for this opportunity to learn and grow together! Stay tuned for more exciting announcements from OrderMyGear team.